Marketing Manager

Muscat Waves Consultancy

Job description / Role

• Raising public awareness and ensuring that the global brands, Company Branding, are concentrated in the mind of the consumer in the Sultanate of Oman.
• Officer / her on the status of the annual plan for Dai of and advertising and Balbdjt control its own.
• Responsible for finding, discussing and purchasing the necessary tools from all types of companies providing advertising services to carry out basic duties towards items No. (1) and (2)
• She is responsible for planning, organizing and reporting on the effectiveness of all the periods of offers for the retail department.
• The internal organization of the exhibition during the periods of shows of all types of visual and audio advertising
• Determine the quality of the basic offers and prepare for them with the Sales and Operations Department and the Financial Department according to the annual plan and the assumed budget.
• Setting the periods of sudden offers according to the seasonal or weekly needs of the process of liquidating stagnant goods, raising sales through weekend offers, recent cut offers, etc.
• Study and analyze the increase in sales and achieve the required goals in the name of the two brands through the reports of all the finished advertising campaigns.
• Official / department in charge of all your in Alsucl Media Channel and graphics Q and lift capabilities are through the use of their full potential production capacity to fit all sections and Sales channels available.
• Responsible for organizing all types of openings, parties, and company meetings in coordination with the advertising and associated advertising.
• Responsible for coordinating the availability of sufficient quantities of goods for the periods of planned offers through pressure and cooperation with the operations manager and sales manager.
• Responsible for communicating with the Turkish parent company to cooperate in raising the agency’s propaganda capabilities and pressure them to provide all primary and secondary advertising tools to raise the ability to meet the annual plan agreed internally.
• Responsible for using the system ERP Special section of advertising and development and development with the competent authorities in proportion to the needs of the company.
• Responsible for advertising operations in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council states in case of need for expansionary operations in the company’s policies to open new branches.

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