Prayer Times Today in Riyadh

Below is the schedule of prayer time in Riyadh for your reference. It is important to remember that there are a few minutes discrepancy in prayer times in Riyadh and other Saudi Arabian cities.

Due to the position of the sun, prayer timings vary daily. The table below of Prayer times in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) will guide you in finding out Riyadh prayer timings of Fajr (Sunrise), Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib (Sunset) and Isha.

Prayer Times Today in Riyadh

04:30 AM05:48 AM11:44 AM03:08 PM05:40 PM07:10

Monthly Prayer Timings

Oct 0104:29 AM05:47 AM11:45 AM03:09 PM05:42 PM07:12 PM
Oct 0204:29 AM05:47 AM11:44 AM03:09 PM05:41 PM07:11 PM
Oct 0304:30 AM05:48 AM11:44 AM03:08 PM05:40 PM07:10 PM
Oct 0404:30 AM05:48 AM11:44 AM03:07 PM05:39 PM07:09 PM
Oct 0504:31 AM05:48 AM11:43 AM03:07 PM05:38 PM07:08 PM
Oct 0604:31 AM05:49 AM11:43 AM03:06 PM05:37 PM07:07 PM
Oct 0704:31 AM05:49 AM11:43 AM03:05 PM05:36 PM07:06 PM
Oct 0804:32 AM05:50 AM11:43 AM03:05 PM05:35 PM07:05 PM
Oct 0904:32 AM05:50 AM11:42 AM03:04 PM05:34 PM07:04 PM
Oct 1004:33 AM05:51 AM11:42 AM03:04 PM05:33 PM07:03 PM
Oct 1104:33 AM05:51 AM11:42 AM03:03 PM05:32 PM07:02 PM
Oct 1204:33 AM05:51 AM11:41 AM03:02 PM05:31 PM07:01 PM
Oct 1304:34 AM05:52 AM11:41 AM03:02 PM05:30 PM07:00 PM
Oct 1404:34 AM05:52 AM11:41 AM03:01 PM05:29 PM06:59 PM
Oct 1504:35 AM05:53 AM11:41 AM03:01 PM05:28 PM06:58 PM
Oct 1604:35 AM05:53 AM11:41 AM03:00 PM05:27 PM06:57 PM
Oct 1704:35 AM05:54 AM11:40 AM02:59 PM05:27 PM06:57 PM
Oct 1804:36 AM05:54 AM11:40 AM02:59 PM05:26 PM06:56 PM
Oct 1904:36 AM05:55 AM11:40 AM02:58 PM05:25 PM06:55 PM
Oct 2004:37 AM05:55 AM11:40 AM02:58 PM05:24 PM06:54 PM
Oct 2104:37 AM05:56 AM11:40 AM02:57 PM05:23 PM06:53 PM
Oct 2204:38 AM05:56 AM11:39 AM02:57 PM05:22 PM06:52 PM
Oct 2304:38 AM05:57 AM11:39 AM02:56 PM05:21 PM06:51 PM
Oct 2404:39 AM05:57 AM11:39 AM02:55 PM05:21 PM06:51 PM
Oct 2504:39 AM05:58 AM11:39 AM02:55 PM05:20 PM06:50 PM
Oct 2604:39 AM05:58 AM11:39 AM02:54 PM05:19 PM06:49 PM
Oct 2704:40 AM05:59 AM11:39 AM02:54 PM05:18 PM06:48 PM
Oct 2804:40 AM06:00 AM11:39 AM02:53 PM05:18 PM06:48 PM
Oct 2904:41 AM06:00 AM11:39 AM02:53 PM05:17 PM06:47 PM
Oct 3004:41 AM06:01 AM11:39 AM02:52 PM05:16 PM06:46 PM
Oct 3104:42 AM06:01 AM11:39 AM02:52 PM05:16 PM06:46 PM
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