Washer cum hand pressure



Job Responsibilities

Load products into dry-cleaning machines or washers
Regulate machine processes when starting washers, driers and dry cleaners turn levels and valves to control volume of additives, specific cycles and temperature
Sort products before cleaning, separating them by fabric, color, cleaning technique or dirt content for best results
Sort and count products as they are removed from dryers hang, fold or wrap the produts according to requirements or personal attention to detail
Remove stains on fabrics though application of bleaching powders and steam sprays
Use a hand or machine marker to place identifying names or code numbers on dry cleaning or laundry
Utilize portable machines or neutralizer solutions to tend to stained products, through pre-soaking, spot-cleaning, sterilizing, scrubbing and drying products as needed.

Job Skills & Qualifications

Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds
Must be able to stand, walk and stretch for long periods
Excellent organizational skills

High school diploma or equivalent
Previous experience as a laundry worker
Night and weekend availability

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