Warehouse Manager

Muscat Waves Consultancy

Job description / Role

• Responsible for ensuring the logistic operation of the company brands in a consistent manner with the sales goals in all the company’s channels.
• Responsible for reviewing the company’s goals in all sales channels in cooperation with the Sales and Operations Department to determine the appropriate warehouse planning to achieve the best possible productivity in the company’s annual goals.
• Responsible for determining the annual budget for warehouse operations in cooperation with the Finance Department.
• Responsible for planning and organizing the timing and areas needed to receive the new shipments and preparing their locations to ensure smooth work within the warehouse movement
• The ability to install, coordinate and take appropriate actions against damaged parts in international shipping operations, during warehousing or upon arrival to the customer and to discover damage in cooperation with the Operations Department.
• Responsible for planning, organizing and reporting on the effectiveness of dividing warehouse spaces in storage racks according to the types of goods planned by the Operations Department to reduce wasted areas from misuse of storage shelving areas.
• Official appropriate for each cutting quality stowage of models and different groups to achieve the best ratio of safety products and protect them from common damage.
• Responsible for all existing warehouse tools and equipment and their maintenance and modification with future planning for development there according to the company’s annual goals to maintain the company’s competitive ability.
• Responsible for coordination in the effectiveness of the delivery schedules for customers and work on the study of conditions and variables crisis to achieve better productivity in the delivery operations in cooperation with information management, sales, customer service and operations management.
• Responsible for planning the workforce in the stores with the Human Resources Department to raise the effectiveness of the store from all job categories to ensure the division of business in a way that suits the job site and raises the productivity of the stores to the maximum.
• Responsible for planning, coordination, and reporting on the turnover rates of the goods, identifying the dormant goods, and pressing the Operations, Sales and Advertising Department at regular meetings to liquidate these products in order to raise the production capacity of the products and achieve them for the company’s annual goals .
• Is responsible for the review and development of the movement plan official and policies of all the m Ntjat basic and sub – processes in terms of inventory and make sure workflow systems properly across the ERPIn addition to identifying deficiencies in the company’s internal systems for warehouse operations and developed with the competent authorities resulting in a clear vision and the ability to follow up all the m Ntjat of entry to connect to the customer with the ability to follow up all kinds of returns and claims from the parent company and re – sent to meet the shortage or Customer maintenance
• Responsible for monitoring system development ERPY. Our department stores and raise its efficiency in cooperation with the management information to facilitate the company’s operations and directing them towards automated system helps to follow up the tasks assigned to each elmo a Qa career of.
• Responsible for training all the job sites in his administration on using the systems ERP.
• According to the job site, defining the powers and dividing the works in proportion to the maximum production capacity with the help of informatics management.
• The ability to firmly control and direct the warehouse staff and the ability to balance the application of company policies and employment capabilities and the ability to direct them administratively.
• The ability to follow up the maintenance work of the store and communicate with the rental company for the stores or other concerned parties to keep the warehouse body in the highest quality commensurate with the aspirations of the international company.
• Submit periodic reports to senior management on periodic inventories and warehouse efficiency in practice, and fix shortcomings in productivity and future development plans.
• The ability to achieve balance between several warehouse locations in addition to the ability to roam internationally in the Gulf Cooperation Council states in case of the need to coordinate international warehouse operations.

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