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First Abu Dhabi Bank

Job Description

The Strategic Planning department is responsible for managing the overall formulation, direction and delivery of the FAB’s long term business plans, overseeing group-wide strategic initiatives and managing the strategy execution process and balanced scorecards at the Group and Executive level. The Group Strategy team works with all businesses, functions and geographic areas across the group to inform, guide, create and execute strategic plans for the Group and all its businesses including subsidiaries. The Corporate Performance Management and Strategy Principal will be the strategy lead on assigned areas and will be responsible for developing strategic plans, managing execution of strategy and leading assigned projects. This role will drive action across multiple business lines and support functions to implement the ideas and agreed projects.
Key accountabilities and impact
. The Corporate Performance Management and Strategy Principal will be required to lead the development and execution of strategic plans across businesses, functions and geographies of FAB.
. The role holder will support the Head of Corporate Performance and Senior Group Strategy Principal in the translation of the Group and Business level strategic direction into the Balanced Scorecard framework adopted by the bank. The role holder will need to track the progress on Key Performance Indicators on a quarterly basis and prepare progress reports. The role holder while working on Strategy development at both the Bank and Functional levels will also need to promote a focus on execution by translating the strategies into execution frameworks and monitoring progress. The role holder will also follow up on the progress of strategic initiatives and assess impact in achieving strategic goals.
. The role holder will have frequent interactions with senior leaders across the bank both in the UAE and across International locations and will be required to drive discussions around establishing objective KPIs for various areas of the bank including all key business and support functions.
. The role holder will also be responsible for providing high quality, professional advice and action recommendations to the senior leadership of FAB across all strategy-related areas e.g. market trends, financial indicators, innovation, business model transformation, international expansion and possible investments and alliances for FAB.
. As part of external market focused projects, the role holder will analyse and make recommendations on different markets, business areas, product lines and customer groupings the bank should participate in. The role holder will also work to carry out deep dive on-going analysis on the internal state of the bank (e.g. to summarise financial performance of each area on a monthly basis to inform of strengths and weaknesses in performance or to analyse long term internal/external business trends).
. The role holder will from time to time have to own and execute strategic projects which will be varied in nature and could involve diverse topics such as, inter alia, feasibility studies, business model creation and implementation through to business closures and divestments. These projects must be owned and driven taking into account the cross-business and function nature of the teams involved, and delivered to demanding time, budget and quality requirements.
. The role holder will be required to work closely with Global top-tier strategy consulting firms (e.g. BCG, McKinsey, Bain, Oliver Wyman, Accenture etc) leading / coordinating / overseeing the delivery of strategy projects with large fees budgets (exceeding USD 3mn of pure consulting spend per project).
. The role holder will also be responsible for helping the Portfolio Management function of FAB to shape the change / project portfolio of the businesses and functions. This will be achieved through involvement in business case development and execution planning for large projects and through involvement in the prioritisation of the change portfolio.
. The role holder will also support Group Funding exercises, Group Risk processes, Ratings exercises and Investor Relations exercises (such as, inter alia, EMTN / Bond programme prospectuses, the UAE Central bank ICAAP review, Risk Appetite Framework content, Analyst and Investor Days and Investor Relations performance updates for the public).
. The role holder will have to prepare and conduct / actively participate business planning and strategy discussions with the senior leadership of the bank. This will include the planning and execution of strategic offsites with the EXCO, senior leaders in FAB and relevant external parties.
. The role holder will be involved in the annual budget process at both bank and business/geography level to ensure alignment with the strategic plans and long term aspirations of the bank
. The role holder will manage the selection, onboarding, oversight of external suppliers of data for the department (eg. Thomson Reuters, McKinsey, Orbis Bank Focus, eValueServe, Moodys etc.) to gain value for money and leading edge intelligence.
Level of know-how required
. The Corporate Performance Management and Strategy Principal must have solid domain expertise in strategy execution and performance management frameworks e.g. BSCs, OKRs, MBO etc. The role holder must be experienced in setting up performance management frameworks for large organizations from scratch.
. The Corporate Performance Management and Strategy Principal will be required to develop a deep understanding of the external environment across geographies where FAB has business interests and where FAB should be interested, as well as the internal environment of the Group for relevant business areas and functions.
. The role holder is expected to drive wide ranging discussions with senior management (including EXCO) across functions on varied topics including, but not limited to businesses (wholesale / retail banking, treasury funding, Islamic banking, brokerage business, NBFIs, Digital / Neo Banks etc.), risk, credit, finance etc. to aid in strategic decision making. The role holder must have wide breadth of functional knowledge to be able to drive such strategy and performance related conversations.
. The role holder is expected to stay up to date with industry and macro trends to provide analysis, insight and guidance to the most senior levels of the bank (including the Board of Directors, where relevant, as well as the EXCO).
. The role holder will need to utilize strong Influencing and Leadership skills needed to gain the buy-in of senior management (including EXCO) on the recommendations that are put forward based on the strategic analyses conducted and also on the outcomes of respective performance / strategy execution related evaluations.
. The role holder must have deep financial expertise (possibly a MBA – Finance, qualified accountant, CFA charter holder etc.) and be adept in developing / conducting complex financial analysis. Must be able to create financial statements to the highest standards to be shared with external bodies such as regulators and/or other banks/financial institutions/consultants and other external bodies.
. The role holder must have deep knowledge of economics and modelling to be able to analyse macroeconomic conditions and make decisions on the appropriate actions that should be taken by the bank to respond to economic challenges and future economic trends across multiple countries.
. The role holder must have deep knowledge of banking from an operational and a managerial perspective gained though practical experience. They must be able to connect prior detailed experience through to driving the correct actions to resolve issues facing FAB. This knowledge must be gained across multiple business lines as the role is across all lines and geographies of the bank.
. This includes the knowledge and experience to be able to predict future problems and drive proactive actions to resolve those issues before they arise.
Problem solving responsibilities
. The role holder is required to have an extremely high degree of problem solving abilities to make recommendations and drive decision making regarding which businesses / markets we should be in and how the centre helps to make the businesses successful (e.g. corporate structure, funding strategy, risk appetite, transformation plans etc.).
. The role holder must be able to deeply analyse financial and other information on competitors, overall economy and the banking sector (across UAE and other Int’l markets where FAB has presence) to assess the business environment and formulate appropriate actions that FAB should take.

Threshold Qualifications
. Master’s degree, MBA or Professional Qualification in Finance, Accounting, Economics, or related discipline
. Wide breadth of banking knowledge across businesses (Wholesale / Retail / Treasury) and functions e.g. Risk, Credit, Finance, Operations etc.
. Demonstrated ability to lead and influence strategic decision making and manage strategy execution with the highest level of management in large organizations
Years & Nature of Experience
. Minimum of 12 years of experience in banking with at least 5 years in a similar role, or 5 years of experience in senior level strategy / strategy execution consulting from top-tier firms

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