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About this job

  • Industry: Oil & Gas
  • Area of expertise: Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality
  • Location: Qatar

What is required?

  • Hours per week: 50
  • Education level: Professional Courses
  • Closing date: Saturday, 30 October 2021

About this role: UHP Fireman

About this role: UHP Fireman

• Ensure compliance to all relevant quality and environmental management procedures and controls;• Assist in a team effort regarding the environmental surveillance in relation to health and conducting standard provisional measures to mitigate risk;
• Shift Responsibilities (Aligned to NFPA);• Shall meet all the requirements of a Firefighter and a Driver Operator as per
NFPA codes 1001 and 1002;• Ensures that emergency equipment under the control of the Fire Section is
operational and in a state of readiness as required by NFPA 1021;• Orient and Train Fire Personnel & other employees on performance,
documentation, and activities that effect the achievement of section objectives and goals as stipulated in NFPA 1041 Standard for Fire and
Emergency Services Instructor Professional Qualifications and the UHP Emergency Response Plan;

  • Take lead of the team and oversee that all fire station activities are conducted safely and timely manner as per NFPA 1021 requirements;
  • Ensure that the shift on duty is complete with the required personnel and resources;
  • Compile and Produce reports (Emergency & Non-Emergency) to ensure smooth operation of the fire department as per NFPA 1021;

• Develop Internal Fire Section Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines;• Participates in procurement process to ensure correct and required
equipment is purchased;• Take lead during emergencies that require entry to burning structures or contaminated areas, Motor Vehicle Accidents, and other immediately
dangerous to life and health (IDLH) areas to fight fires and perform rescueactivities while ensuring required personal protective equipment is donned
as stipulated in NFPA 1021 on the responsibilities of the Fire Officer.
Driver and Operator
• Drive and Operate the Fire Apparatus during Emergencies and Mock Drills as required by NFPA 1002;• Identify and Operate Automotive Gauges and understanding the Apparatus operational limits as required by NFPA 1002;

  • Document the routine tests, Inspections, Servicing functions, so that all items are checked for operation and deficiencies are reported as per NFPA 1071 requirements;

• Conduct basic preventative maintenance of the Fire Apparatus;• Conduct Firetruck Inspections and its attached equipment;

  • Daily cleaning of Firefighting vehicles and equipment maintenance.



  • NFPA 1001 Firefighter 1 training. (DOD, Pro-Board or IFSAC);
  • NFPA 472 Hazmat Awareness Level (DOD, Pro-Board or IFSAC);
  • NFPA 472 Hazmat Operations Level (DOD, Pro-Board or IFSAC);
  • NFPA 1002 Driver Pump Operator (DOD, Pro-Board or IFSAC);
  • NFPA 1021 Fire Officer Training. (DOD, Pro-Board or IFSAC);
  • NFPA 1031 Fire Instructor Training (DOD, Pro-Board or IFSAC);
  • NFPA 1006 Rope Rescue Technician (DOD, Pro-Board or IFSAC);
  • NFPA 1006 Confine Space Rescue Technician (DOD, Pro-Board or IFSAC);
  • NFPA 1006 Trench Rescue Technician (DOD, Pro-Board or IFSAC);
  • NFPA 1006 Vehicle Extrication Technician (DOD, Pro-Board or IFSAC);
  • Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) or higher preferred).

How to apply

Do you have questions?

If you have questions or would like to discuss the details of this role, please contact May Ann Panganiban Masaga quoting publication number:

Account manager

May Ann Panganiban Masaga
Brunel Energy Qatar Doha
[email protected]

+974 4040 3434

To apply for this job please visit

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