TikTok Live Operations Manager-Saudi Arabia

Full Time


1. Responsible for livestreaming local operations, with responsibilities such as:

  • Set the guidelines and strategy for local agencies and MCNs, influencers, users,campaigns and partnership
  • Establish and maintain partnerships with local content providers, building “Live+” ecosystem through establishing good collaborative relationships with local brands or companies

2. Explore new campaign strategies and models, plan and launch Live streaming campaigns by following up popular topics, events, social hot issues etc;

3. Responsible for introducing, management, and developing of platform agencies,platform anchors Responsible for user growth of TikTok live, improve user retention, consumption rate and ARPU value through management of user’s life cycle

4. Participate in drafting and revising related policies of agencies/talents/influencers management. negotiating contracts and cooperating with content partners;

1. Bachelor’s degree or above. Min. 3 years’ experience in content, marketing or partnerships roles in tech & media industry.

2. Candidates who’s used to work with, or have the connections with modeling, media, TV, celebrities and live streaming applications are preferred.

3. Experience in building and managing a team from scratch is preferred.

4. Strong business acumen in emerging industries; Team management experience in entertainment industry is preferred.

5. Strong analytical skills and data-driven.

6. Good communications and interpersonal skills, able to work in an international and diverse environment.

To apply for this job please visit sa.indeed.com.