PUBLISHED ON 24/05/2021

Reports directly to the Production Planning & Control Manager on all related maintenance operations affecting production. Carries out directives from the Project Manager and Operation Manager. Supervises Production Control activities for all levels of maintenance within the organization. Responsible for the overall day-to-day functioning of the Production Planning & Control department and supervision of personnel assigned.

will also be responsible for

1. Implement the scheduling; controlling work hours and overtime for assigned personnel.
2. Implement oversight guidance and counseling of all personnel assigned to that section.
3. Responsible for all administrative duties such as appraisals, scheduling, attendance, etc.
4. Verify processes and procedures and providing recommended changes to Standard Operating Procedures.
5. Responsible for all equipment accountability assigned to section.

6. Verify Daily Aircraft Status report is completed.
7. Coordinate and prioritize maintenance efforts with both the First Line and Second Line leadership.
8. Organize repair shops and logistics activities to support maintenance plans.
9. Monitors Operational Readiness Rate.
10. Monitor the status of all aircraft maintenance work and corresponding work orders.
11. Responsible Controlled Exchange Procedures are followed and properly documented.

12. Assist supervisors in managing maintenance efforts at all levels.
13. Manage yearly Aircraft Phase Maintenance plan.
14. Implement an adequate manning of PPC office and assigned platforms.

No Restriction

-Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance (A&P License Preferred )Military aviation maintenance training school graduate preferred

  • BA or BS in any aviation discipline preferred.
  • FAA A&P certificate and FCC license or equivalent preferred.

-Minimum of 12 Years Experience in Aviation Maintenance repair activities at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd line levels.

  • Minimum of 8 Years Supervisory experience in any aviation authority
  • Must have worked in; Unit AVUM/AVIM level at the production control/quality control section at the supervisory level.
  • Had direct maintenance management experience in the unit’s production Control and or Quality sections.
  • Civilian experience in lieu of this specialized school will be; work position in a, supervisory position at a FAA repair facility, minimum of yrs.
  • Has an understanding of the Logistics system and the direct relationship with aviation maintenance.
  • Full working knowledge of The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) and reporting system.
  • Understands shop management and component repair at level
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