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Primary purpose of job

To supervise offshore construction operations, new project works, maintenance and

shutdown support to QP offshore facilities utilizing workboat based contractor

construction crews.

responsible for all services provided

by the Marine department to the customer utilising contractor supplied vessel,

personnel and equipment.

2. Prepare all Work permits, Plan scope work, supervises and directs multidisciplined

contractor work force during construction , engineering projects and

shutdown support activities on QP offshore complexes and remote locations

adhering to all safety rules and regulations, meeting QP and international codes

and standards.

3. Provides in depth technical advice to customers on repair strategies during

emergency support requirements to bring systems back online and minimise any

loss of production. Capable of organising work force to provide continuous

support in implementing repairs on live production stations.

4. Responsible for all crane operations and lifting activities ensuring compliance

with QP lifting regulations and guidelines on heavy lifts. Evaluate and carry out

HAZOP studies for all critical lifting operations. Focal point for all joint

operations (SIMOPS) when involved with drilling rigs, diving vessels or live

production station support.

5. Communicates and liaises with other QP department personnel in particular with

inspection personal for all sort of construction work, Offshore Installation

Supervisors advising on work scopes, site access and preparation requirements

for construction activities and hot works.

Responsible for administration of all aspects of contract ensuring compliance

with terms and conditions. Monitors contractors services, reviewing and

accepting submission for reimbursing contractor for services provided.

7. Compiles site survey report, daily and monthly report detailing work activities &

progress status, completion documentation and as built packages for all scopes

of work undertaken by the contractor ensuring full compliance with QP

engineering requirements and standards.

8. Conducts audits of on-board equipment, reports any defective construction or

marine equipment and applies penalty deduction notification for contract

administration personnel.

9. Coordinates all vessel movements with master to ensure efficient utilisation for

support services. Advises on future locations for planning of mooring

requirements to position vessel for optimum support to construction crew.

Experience & Skills

A minimum of 10 years supervisory experience in offshore construction operations with a high level of knowledge in the

trade disciplines involved including piping, structural, welding, scaffolding, rigging and painting operations. Familiar with

inspection requirements and techniques for welding and piping system pressure testing. Clear understanding of

international codes and standards applicable to construction works in the oil and gas industry. Experience in crane

operations from floating platforms and conversant with marine requirements. In depth knowledge of safety procedures for

all offshore construction operations such as hot works, vessel entry and working on live production stations.


HNC or equivalent technical qualification in Mechanical or Structural Engineering is


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