Studio Manager

Department Definition

Located at Expo 2020 Dubai, Firdaus Studio by A.R. Rahman is set to become the region’s first world-class recording studio and film scoring facility. As part of the collaboration between Expo 2020 and legendary composer A.R. Rahman, it will also serve as a creative space where artists in the UAE, and from around the world, can collaborate, perform, and expand their musical horizons together

Opportunity Responsibilities

The Studio manager will oversee all recording, performing and tour activities at the studio facility. They will arrange scheduling for various projects, ensure equipment availability and functionality, and resolve any client issues or questions.

The main responsibilities of the role include:
  • Create documentation for studio best practices, equipment tracking and logistics;
  • Coordinate with AV contractor for efficient installation and necessary trainings and coordinate with Expo 2O2O site teams for FM, Security, Catering, Pantry Services and Vending. Ensuring requirements are met and agreements are in place;
  • Connect with potential artists, producers, managers and labels to schedule future recording sessions;
  • Begin building a client, sponsors and partnership list in coordination with “Sales and promotions Manager”;
  • Ensure that the equipment installation and setup is inline the design requirements, create archival backup systems;

– Work closely with the “Manager – Studio Tours” to design and install all requirements for the studio tours and studio exhibit;

  • Manage and maintain studio logistics, bookings, scheduling sessions and programming and supervising recording engineers, administrative and technical staff;
  • Coordinate with artists, producers, managers and labels to schedule recording sessions. and liaise with client engineers that may be needed for clients’ projects.


6+ years of work experience in the same industry, as well as:

  • A Bachelor’s degree within a relevant field;
  • Excellent time management and organization skills and great interpersonal skills;
  • Proficiency with the studio equipment, excellent knowledge of industry-related software;
  • Knowledge of recording sessions and studio operations, audio Engineering;
  • Administrative skills, budgeting, personnel Management, schedule Management;
  • Networking and Artist Relations, develop positive relationships and build a good rapport with bands, artists and clients.
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