Storekeeper Supervisor AUD & Sharjah- JD

Styro Insulations Materials Ind. LLC

Job description / Role

Main Role:

The storekeeper Supervisor will be responsible for leading store team, Controlling SAP entries, Housekeeping and cleaning, Material Handling, & Waste Management.

1. Inventory Control:
? Control Receipt and dispatch of all incoming and outgoing items from store.
? Receive the raw materials according to the standard process where all packs should be labeled by GRPO Number, Item Code, Description, Weight, Batch Number, Date, Warehouse Location…etc.
? Monitor the raw materials stock and report to an immediate supervisor about any batch or bag close to expiry before it gets expired.
? Conduct periodic stock counting for all items every 3 months.
? Control the reorder level of trading items and consumables and assure minimum stock is always maintained.
? Maintain safety measures in all stores.
? Make Purchase Requests then forward them to Purchase Department and handle cash purchases for spare parts, Consumables, etc. in Abu Dhabi.

2. Lead Store Team, Loading team, Forklift Drivers, and data encoders:
? Assure loading team is distributed and labors are assigned efficiently over tasks. e.g. loading and other tasks like beads filling, packaging, cleaning, and housekeeping.
? Monitor Date Encoders and assure they are closing orders properly.
? Supervise forklift drivers efficiently.

3. Control SAP Entries:
? Make the GRPO for all received items and raw materials on SAP.
? Monitor all store entries on SAP and assure all orders are closed properly.
? Assure every single item, consumable, EPS block, EPS cut piece, ..etc. issued to any department should be carried out on SAP accordingly.
? Any material transfer between Sharjah and Abu Dhabi Factory should be carried out on SAP accordingly.

4. Coordinate with Logistics Team:
? Review SDR Excel File on daily basis to assure all finished orders are closed and all scheduled orders are delivered.
? Support Logistics team whenever needed.
5. Housekeeping, cleanliness and waste management

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