Store Supervisor

Katana Torii Japanese Cuisine

We are seeking a detail-oriented, reliable, and experienced restaurant supervisor to join our growing team. In this position, you will play a key role in managing all aspects of our restaurant business. You will be expected to deliver a high-quality experience to our guests and motivate our staff to ensure excellent customer service. Supervisors will be responsible for maintaining quality and increasing profitability. Exceptional management skills and a strong understanding of customer service are a must.

Required Qualifications & Experience

  • * Associate Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Management or equivalent to 3+ years experience in the same field.
  • * Significant work experience in management and the hospitality industry
  • * Strong working knowledge of food and beverage service
  • * Ability to use restaurant management software
  • * Strong leadership skills
  • * Decisive and critical thinker

Job Purpose, Duties & Responsibilities

  • * Oversee all front and back-of-the-house restaurant operations
  • * Ensure customer satisfaction through promoting excellent service; respond to customer complaints tactfully and professionally
  • * Maintain quality control for all food served
  • * Analyze staff evaluations and feedback to improve the customer’s experience
  • * Project future needs for goods, kitchen supplies, and cleaning products; order accordingly
  • * Oversee health code compliance and sanitation standards
  • * Seek ways to cut waste and decrease operational costs
  • * Generate weekly, monthly, and annual reports
  • * Train new employees and provide ongoing training for all staff
  • * Attend quarterly P&L meetings


  • * Knowledge, behaviors, attitudes, and even skills that lead to the ability to do something efficiently.
  • * The ability to make business decisions would be a competency.
  • * Learned and applied abilities that use one’s knowledge effectively in execution or performance.
  • * Using the same example of making business decisions, in order to do so, you would have to maintain certain skills to perform well, budgeting, market research, and competitive stategy.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: BD200.000 – BD350.000 per month

Application Question(s):

  • How many years of experience do you have in a Food and Beverage Industry?

Application Deadline: 20/07/2022
Expected Start Date: 01/08/2022

To apply for this job please visit

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