Speech Therapist

ABC Center

Job Description

Position: Speech Therapist

Start date: 23 August 2022

Languages: English and Arabic

Full time JOb

Job Description:

  • Perform standardized assessments, write speech therapy report results
  • Write an individualized speech plan that targets students’ weaknesses. Indicate methods, strategies and evaluation procedure in the IEP.
  • Use ABA strategies to improve communication difficulties
  • Perform one on one and group sessions for students with speech difficulties
  • Use research based methods to target speech difficulties.
  • Work with a team (collaborate with colleagues) to design, plan and provide an excellent collaborative learning environment.
  • Provide worksheets/resources and forms that helps the department in functioning effectively.
  • Provide home programs trainings for parents to support their children in the learning process.
  • Ensure student’s kid book is kept organized and updated, by ensuring data sheets and program description inside the book.
  • Abide by all CARF Accreditation standards

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