Specialist / Consultant Intensive and Critical Care Medicine


Job description / Role

Reputed Hospitals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are looking for a caring, talented Anesthesiologists and Critical Care Medicine to care for our patients who are dealing with critical conditions. They may work in inpatient or outpatient care and will speak with our patients about their conditions, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and work with patients, families, and physicians to establish care plans. You should be a skilled practitioner with comprehensive knowledge of acute conditions, diagnostics, and treatments.

To succeed as a Consultant in Critical Care Medicine, you should be focused on providing high-quality care and support to patients and families. You should be sympathetic, analytical, and knowledgeable.

Critical Care Medicine Responsibilities:
• Speaking with patients to better understand their concerns, needs, conditions, and medical histories.
• Admitting, discharging, and doing scheduled rounds to check on patients.
• Performing examinations ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, and going over results with patients or the physician, if necessary.
• Establishing care or condition management plans, including prescribing medications or other treatments.
• Educating the patient and family members about medical conditions and courses of action.
• Keeping records regarding patient history, condition, treatments, and progress.
• Alerting physicians when conditions worsen or if abnormalities arise.

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