Ship Class and Flag Registration In-charge

Atlas Oasis GT LLC

Job Description

Job type: Full-time / Part-time / Contract basis

Location: United Arab Emirates

Salary: Negotiable

The UAE-based company is looking for an employee who will be responsible for registering the Class & Flag of the vessels it owns or operates and for all related paperwork.


*Organizing and carrying out the entire process of registering a vessel Class & Flag.

*Preparing and obtaining all the necessary documents.

*Analysis and ability to provide detailed information and registration conditions, as well as the benefits of a particular Class & Flag, depending on applicable restrictions (age, class of vessel, requirements for a shipping company, etc.) to choose the best option.

If you are interested in the vacancy and you have requested work experience in the UAE, please attach your CV in the application to the vacancy and indicate the expected salary & job type (full-time / part-time / contract basis).

Requirements:*Experience in a ship Class & Flag registration in UAE.*Knowledge of all specific national requirements.

To apply for this job please visit

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