Senior Software Engineer

Aspen Technology

Job Description

The driving force behind our success has always been the people of AspenTech. What drives us, is our aspiration, our desire and ambition to keep pushing the envelope, overcoming any hurdle, challenging the status quo to continually find a better way. You will experience these qualities of passion, pride and aspiration in many ways — from a rich set of career development programs to support of community service projects to social events that foster fun and relationship building across our global community.
The Role

In this position you will create compelling applications that enable our customers to view, control and analyze their electrical infrastructure. All of this is done using the latest technologies in a fast-paced, collaborative environment at our forward-looking company. Specific on-the-job training will be provided.

Your Impact

• Develop rich client applications that allow our customers to visualize the power grid. These solutions leverage advanced tools like OpenGL and webGL to enable powerful 3D visualizations. • Develop web applications enabling our customers to analyze outages, predict future conditions, and monitor complex systems. These applications leverage frameworks like Angular to power responsive web applications. • Develop mobile applications for field crews and executives to monitor KPIs and respond to business demands. • Develop ‘Big Data’ applications leveraging databases like Cassandra and mongoDB to drive business intelligence in the control center. • Develop applications to predict load or renewable generation using the latest in machine learning.

What You’ll Need

• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an accredited institution in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related technical field. • 5+ years experience in the following: • Backend • C development skills plus experience in one or more of the following: C#, C++, Java, Python, etc. • Networking knowledge and protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, XMPP, HTTP, MSRP, XCAP, SOAP, REST, DNP, etc.). • Familiar with platform independent tools and libraries. • Knowledge of numerical methods and simulation of physical processes. • Basic understanding or experience in modeling and simulation of oil & gas pipelines, or chemical or manufacturing processes (preferred). • Knowledge of fluid mechanics (laminar and turbulent), thermodynamics, and equations of state (preferred). • Experience in and passion for automated unit tests (preferred). • Rich Client • Experience developing rich client applications with C# and .NET. • Web Client • Experience developing interactive web applications using jQuery, AJAX and JavaScript. • Experience with front end frameworks including AngularJS and Angular. • Experience developing RESTful web services in Java. • Mobile Client • Experience developing native Android applications in Java. • Experience developing native iOS applications in Swift.

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