Senior Officer- CB CAD

First Abu Dhabi Bank

Job Description


  • Preparation and perfection of Islamic Mortgage and Real Estate Facilities
  • Advising Credit Controllers to encode credit lines in the Bank’s system, if applicable
  • Preparing memorandum to operations and regular reports
  • Ensuring all security / support documents have been properly executed, signatures are verified and authenticities of the signatories are supported by resolution / POA
  • Ensuring rectification of existing discrepancies / deficiencies in security documentation for all loans which have been disbursed
  • Ensuring approval from relevant authorities is held before any transaction is push through
  • Ensuring integrating accurate and timely internal reporting and regulatory reporting
  • Preparing & circulating documentation deficiency (expired / deferred documents) reports and following up for its timely submission / renewal
  • Maintaining up to MIS in the designated system
  • Verifying and confirming periodically at the renewal of credit lines, all required security / support documents are physically held in safe custody
  • Lodging security documents / collaterals in the Bank’s system
  • Reviewing / verifying approvals obtained for permanent release of collaterals, security documentation and ensuring there are no liabilities or outstanding and facilities are cancelled


Knowledge & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce / Finance. 2-4 years experience in Islamic Banking CAD

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