Safety Officer

Al Baddad Capital

Job description / Role

• Provide support to the project by maintaining a visible presence to the field performing site visits to the entire project at least once per shift in coordination with the Project Manager
• Assist in the coaching, mentoring and implementation of the HS&E programs in the field.
• Regularly review and be familiar with all applicable legislation and applicable standards, to ensure compliance
• Inform the project management team and supervision of any new or conflictive legislative matters that could impact the project
• Develop a Site Safety Management Plan (SMP) for the project to ensure a safe work environment for all company employees, contractors, visitors and community
• Regularly audit the SMP for compliance and update to ensure the alignment with project scope and conditions.
• Ensure that all employees follow health, safety and environment rules and receive proper training in the use of the facility equipment
• Provide direction, support and resource to all site managers, supervisors, foremen and safety advisors
• Ensure that all incidents are reported immediately.
• Participate and assist the supervisors, foreman and safety advisors in the investigation of incidents to determine root cause, and corrective actions where necessary.
• Ensure incident corrective actions are followed up on and completed.
• Ensure injured workers are offered modified duties and documentation has been completed. Monitor and follow up on modified workers in the field.
• Ensure Safety Advisors are verifying field staff training and competencies; consult the project management team and Regional Safety Manager for compliance and action plan.
• Review safety obligations of the clients and ensure they are carried out as per the terms of the agreement, and communicated to the Project Manager, Supervisors, Foreman and Safety Advisors
• Ensure safety boards with postings including but not limited to: Health and safety policy, inspection and audit results, project hazard assessment, location of first aid, etc. are maintained and current.
• Ensure that the following material is available and on site, HS&E Manual, the applicable provincial legislation and regulations, site safety inspection forms, observation forms, tailboards and log books, fall protection plans etc.

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