Robotics Specialist

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Job description / Role

Our client a well-known institution in Dubai is currently looking for a Robotics Specialist. In this role you will design robotic systems from start to finish, create and program robotic arm motions and use external attachments on the robotic arms (such as pneumatic grippers, electric grippers and milling tools) to perform tasks or shows. Other responsibilities will include but not limited to:

• Design robotic systems, such as automatic vehicle control, autonomous vehicles, advanced displays, advanced sensing, robotic platforms, computer vision, or telematics systems.
• Document robotic application development, maintenance, or changes.
• Integrate robotics with peripherals, such as welders, controllers, or other equipment
• Investigate mechanical failures or unexpected maintenance problems.
• Make system device lists or event timing charts.
• Plan mobile robot paths and teach path plans to robots.
• Process or interpret signals or sensor data.
• Provide technical support for robotic systems.
• Review or approve designs, calculations, or cost estimates.
• Supervise, technologists, technicians, or other engineers.
• Analyze and evaluate robotic systems or prototypes.
• Debug robotics programs.
• Install, calibrate, operate, or maintain robots.
• Conduct research on robotic technology to create new robotic systems or system capabilities.
• Build, configure, and test robots.
• Conduct research into the feasibility, design, operation, or performance of robotic mechanisms, components, or systems, such as planetary rovers, multiple mobile robots, reconfigurable robots, or man-machine interactions.
• Automate assays on laboratory robotics.
• Write algorithms or programming code for ad hoc robotic applications.
• Design end-of-arm tooling.

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