Risk Analyst/ محلل مخاطر

Arab Monetary Fund

Job Description

  • Working across business functions such as Operational Risk or Credit and Market Risk
  • Conducting risk assessments and monitoring business systems to identify potential threats
  • Mitigating potential risk and proposing appropriate solutions
  • Reviewing existing risk techniques or business processes to make improvements
  • Carrying out reporting on a regular and ad hoc basis
  • Delivering remediation projects when required
  • Analyze and determine the risks in order to assist the clients to make sound financial decisions
  • Assist the clients to meet the financial goals of the organization 
  • Risk Analyst should be able to come up with the solution to reduce risks
  • They must be able to thoroughly analyze financial statements like profit and loss, employee headcount reports, and company budget 
  • Thoroughly examine and interpret the statistical reports
  • Predict the current trends in the business market and come up with suitable strategies

Skills RequiredRisk Analyst should possess good knowledge of technical tools such as financial, analytical, accounting, and statistical toolsHaving knowledge of bank regulation and different categories of risk is essential Ability to make use of complex modeling techniquesAbility to communicate your ideas through presentations and reportsAbility to make intense decision-making skills to manage risk at the right timeAbility to maintain good communication and negotiation skills to manage riskAbility to use financial models which in turn provides a clear picture of the decisions takenCreate a risk level that the company is capable of handling

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