Restaurant Supervisor

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Job Description

As a supervisor you will complete the role of a team member: 

• Whether it is on the phone, via message or in person, you will set the tone for every guest experience – welcome each guest with a friendly greeting and a smile and take their food order.
• Create and nurture a fun and positive work environment.
• Prepare and serve mouth-watering food.
• Handle cash and card payments.
• Conduct daily paperwork (e.g. – inventory, cashing up, bills, petty cash report etc).
• Uphold our high sanitation and safety standards.
• Complete individual roles designed to develop and improve a specific aspect of the business. 
In addition to your team member duties, as a supervisor you will complete the following roles: 
• Motivate and Mentor – lead, coach and encourage your team to be the best they can be.
• Model, Instill and Maintain High Standards – complete monthly, weekly and daily standard checks.
• Create and Nurture Culture – develop, encourage and model a fun, positive, family-style work environment.
• Drive Culinary Excellence and Guest Experience – make sure every guest’s culinary experience is amazing by overseeing food preparation, obtaining feedback from guests and ensuring health and safety guidelines are rigorously adhered to.
• Perform service tasks, such as taking orders, clearing tables, and serving food and drinks when necessary.
• Lead and Inspire Effective Operational Practice – record and organise daily finances; carry out inventory purchases; facilitate the food delivery process; manage and organise the team rota.
• Practice Clear and Accurate Communication – liaise and communicate with the management team, suppliers, delivery companies, government departments and other outside agencies.
Whilst the aforementioned will be the main activities a supervisor conducts on a daily basis, tasks may not be restricted to this list.
Requirements of every person who works as a part of the West to West Kitchen team: 
• Excellent proficiency in spoken English; a strong proficiency in written English; ability to conduct basic mathematical calculations.
• A desire to be part of a vibrant team that believes in treating our team members and guests like family.
• A team focused mind-set.
• Flexibility to work a variety of shifts.
• A curious nature to keep learning and growing.
• An analytical nature to constantly assess and improve yourself and the environment in which you work.
• Desire, confidence and ability to share your ideas and thoughts with other team members and management in a constructive and polite manner.
• Pride, excellence and integrity in all you do.
• Confidence to step outside of your comfort zone.
• A clear understanding that our business is more than just the preparation and delivery of food; it is the concept that every dish we provide is an exchange of culture.
• Ability to problem solve and to operate in a credible manner independently of management.
• Being open to having your own ideas and thoughts challenged in a constructive and polite manner.

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