Research Internship

The DI Sales team is in continuously on the look out for new customers that could be potential contributors to DI business. You would be given a list of potential clients that you would need to approach via email, or phone and perform initial investigation if DI can address their requirements.

DI is always looking to improve our offerings to the market – be it services, response time to enquiries, post order placement support etc. We would need help to get client feedback to ensure that we understand their needs.

Market Intelligence with respect to new application areas, trends or competitor behavior that DI needs to consider. You could support us with the thought process that is required for our sales team to be more AGILE and be on top of the game. We would always appreciate an outside persons perspective and who can think out of the system.

Digital Industries

Siemens Industrial LLC

Experience Level:
Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Job Type:

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