Research Assistant

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU)

Job description / Role

Research Assistant at College of Medicine and Health Sciences-UAEU – employed as full-time staff member participating in research, teaching and administrative activities.
A Collaborative Canada International Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Avatar Therapy to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in PSYCHOSIS with treatment refractory hallucinations

General Responsibilities
– Be involved with the day-to-day running of the research project, ordering devices, training of graduate and undergraduate students. Be instrumental in research projects, management of the virtual reality devices, data collection, data management, grant management and the preparation of initial manuscripts, grants and other outputs, contributing significantly to the research output of the University.
– Carry out administrative and management work associated with clinical sites organization (Al Ain Hospital, Al Amal Hospital) and functioning and research, grants and publications.
– Conduct and execute various research testing or experiments.
– Perform necessary data analysis, including the statistical analysis, and be involved in interpretation and communication of main results and their preparation for publication and future research grants.
– Organize, carry out and assist in teaching Psychiatry practical’s for undergraduate medical students or CBT students.
– Create and improve production workflows and processes where appropriate.
– Carry out administrative work associated with clinical research
Specific Responsibilities and Tasks:
– Independently conduct experiments involving virtual reality techniques or therapies (VRT)
– Perform various data analysis of behavioral scores
– Conduct experiments involving presentation of the stimuli
– Conduct experiments involving CBT
– Assist in conducting experiments involving psychotherapy (VRT, and CBT)
– Coordinate with the Canadian team
– Directly repot to PIs responsible for research projects and to the Chair of the Department

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