Research Assistant

United Arab Emirates University

Job Description
The United Arab Emirates University College of Business and Economics (CBE) is currently seeking a research assistant in the areas of management, human resource management and data analysis. The successful candidate would need to be able to communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing. Applications from candidates with an interest in applied and quantitative data would be welcomed, as well as from candidates with experience in empirical research and qualitative data in the management field. successful candidate’s duties will include managing the daily activities of research projects, conducting literature reviews from journals in the management and Organizational Behavior (OB) fields. Familiarity with SPSS, Smart PLS and AMOS and the ability to run basic statistical analyses using these, performing data analyses and data cleaning, merging data sets and estimating models using Smart PLS. Familiarity with survey and experimental design and leading OB theoretical frameworks as well as existing research trends in this field. Excellent writing skills. The candidate will also be responsible for coding, data management, and data analysis. In addition, the candidate will support the PI as well as conducting and writing extensive literature reviews. Highly motivated, research active applicants with a PhD in Management/Organizational Behavior and experience in the subject area, are invited to apply for the position.
Minimum Qualification
Hold a PhD in Management/Organizational Behavior from an internationally recognized university, as well as a strong interest in analyzing quantitative data.
Preferred Qualification
A PhD in management/organizational psychology, specializing in OB/HRM.

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