Registered Nurse/Laser Therapist

En Vogue Beauty & Medical Center

Job Description

  • Keeping patient documents ready for instant assessments and measures to facilitate swift medical assistance.
  • Understand all cleanliness norms for contributing to a clean, hygienic, and safe environment, emphasizing patient and staff safety.
  • Follow strict guidelines to keep confidential data safe and secure from third-party or unauthorized personnel.
  • Monitor and record patient’s condition and document provided care services.
  • Collaborates with doctors and team members.
  • Perform skin analysis and evaluation to determine laser treatments.
  • Administer laser procedure (which) include but not limited to) Hair Removal Treatment of Pigmented Lesions and Thread Veins, Facial/Skin Rejuvenation, Active Acne, Chemical Resurfacing, Wrinkle Reduction).
  • Operate with different slimming, contouring, firming and tightening machines.
  • Advise and coordinate with patiens on all aspects of procedures.
  • Skilled in blood extractions and administration of infusion systems.

Established track record of working as a nurse in a recognized hospital.appropriate medical qualification from a recognized, reputable institution.Remarkable interpersonal skills with good command of effective communication for improving the services and patient experience.Excellent organizational skills with a keen eye for managing assigned duties with utmost sincerity.Good interpersonal skills with an understanding of emotions for taking sufficient care of patients.Remarkable ability to collaborate with colleagues to enhance the hospital’s services.

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