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Project Director – Integration

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Project Director (Integration)

Grade: GG15

Location: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


BAE Systems is the UK Government’s nominated Prime Contractor under the Government-to-Government arrangements that are in place to provide equipment, support and training to Saudi Arabia. We provide maintenance of Royal Saudi Air Force aircraft and train RSAF personnel safely in a training environment in how to use their aircraft, equipment and weapons.

BAE Systems Saudi Arabia is committed to supporting the Saudi Arabian National Agenda including Saudisation and the training and development of Saudi National capability through the growth of the Saudi National Partner Companies thereby reinforcing Industrialisation and Partnerships.

An exciting opportunity exists to join the BAE Systems majority owned Joint Venture company ‘Saudi Development Training’ (SDT) as Project Director to be based in Dhahran.

BAE Systems Saudi Development and Training (BAES SDT) operates two main streams of business, one being Training Solutions delivering training contract for a variety of customers and the other being Technical Capability Services which provide skilled staff to support customer operations.

Accordingly the BAES SDT Training Solutions business line supports BAE Systems Saudi Arabia (BAES SA) in the delivery of multi-disciplined technical training for the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) and Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) at the Technical Studies Institute (RAF) and Technical Institute Naval Studies (TINS) respectively. These training services have been delivered under the Technical Training Service (TTS) project for the RSAF and the Naval Technical Training (NTT) project for the RSNF with BAES SA acting as the Prime Contractor and responsible to the Saudi British Defence Co-operation Programme (SBDCP) for the delivery of the associated contracts.

To date, BAES SDT’s role has been to provide technical and managerial support to BAES SA on a time and materials basis with the overall management and direction other BAES SDT resources acting under the direction and leadership of BAES SA. The move to performance based contracting arrangements as requested by the SBDCP has resulted in BAES SA flowing down the requirements for training development and delivery under incentivised terms and accordance with agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPI). This important development recognises BAES SDT important contribution to the delivery of the TTS and NTT contracts and the Training Solutions’ readiness to assume a greater role in the delivery of the service.

The initial phase of the performance based contract will focus upon BAES SDT delivering the training service with BAES SA retaining responsibility for the local training infrastructure but with, in the fullness of time, these residual activities transitioning across to BAES SDT.

This Project Director (Integration) position is therefore critical to ensure the success of the delivery of the TTS and NTT training services and lead active participation with the BAES SA management team to ensure that training delivery is closely aligned to the readiness of training equipment, information technology and associated facilities.


In addition the Project Director (Integration) position is critical to securing the additional training opportunity associated with the Naval Officer Training requirement which will be delivered from the King Fahad Naval Academy (KFNA) in Jubail.

Accordingly, the Project Director (Integration) role is accountable to the BAES SDT VP Training Solutions for ensuring the effective and efficient operational delivery of the TTS and NTT training services ensuring that the stipulated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are attained and the future contract growth is secured.

The Project Director (Integration) is accountable to the VP Training Solutions for leading the operational delivery of TTS and NTT training services at the TSI and TINS operational location and for ensuring:

Delivery of training services to cost, schedule and requisite levels of safe performance in accordance with the applicable BAES SDT Corporate Governance and Operational Framework

Acting as the prime point of contact for BAES SA for all matters relating to the delivery of the training services contract requirements

Integration and co-ordination management of all activities required to deliver effective training services including those which remain under the management control of BAES SA i.e. facilities, information technology and training equipment

All relevant policies, systems and processes are established and implemented to meet corporate, regulatory, legislative and awarding bodies’ requirements across all BAES SDT training operational delivery activities.

All activities and resources required to deliver the training services activities are identified and implemented within required timeframes

Attainment of, or bettering, the required Saudisation targets required to support a sustainable and safe training services capability across the TTS and NTT contracts

Output performance in accordance with contractor requirements and allocated budget meeting / exceeding budgeted profitability

Delivery of the training service to a prescribed set of safety and quality indicators, thereby ensuring consistency in the delivery of training solutions and protection of the BAE Systems reputation and contracts.

Innovative training methodologies are continuously developed and implemented to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the training delivered

Sustainment of strong BAES SA customer relationships and qualified achievement of customer satisfaction through strong contract delivery performance and attainment of KPIs

Development of BAE SDT capability which will promote BAES SA trust and confidence leading to associated growth in project responsibilities and growth

Securing and maintaining appropriate and safe local business accommodation for the management co-ordination of the training service delivery


It is expected the job holder will have a comprehensive understanding of:

Delivering multi-disciplinary training solutions, including English language, in Saudi Arabia in a Prime Contracting environment and with qualified track record of delivering to cost, schedule and performance

Operation of the BAES SA TTS and NTT contracts and overall objectives and purposes of the training deceived at each of the customer locations

BAE Systems Operational Framework requirements, how these apply to the BAES SDT aspects of the TTS and NTT contracts

Approaches to training at both the strategic and operational levels across BAE Systems Air and Maritime sectors and how these can be capitalised on to support and advance BAE Systems in KSA

The current and future opportunities BAESSA has with its customers in KSA to ensure BAES SDT is forward looking and can provide suitable training solutions to provide a competitive advantage and win business.

The processes around regulatory and legislative requirements in order to ensure TTS and NTT contracts’ ongoing compliance

Saudisation and the techniques to deliver effective skills transfer in a safe and controlled manner

Training Management Information Systems, their application and maximising TMIS value to the business.

The operational needs and value of a Training Authority and its application within the business

Extensive knowledge as a senior leader of training delivery in the military aerospace and/or marine environments including the provision of English Language, academic and practical skills

Master’s Degree qualified (or equivalent) with an appropriate recognised training or educational tertiary qualification associated with academic or practical training in a military environment

Leadership or senior management position (i.e. Principal, Vice Principal or Commanding Officer) of an academic, vocational or trade training establishment in either maritime or aerospace environment

Extensive working knowledge of training accreditation and certification as its relates to academic, vocational or trade training systems

Fully conversant with business assurance applications in the academic, vocational or trade training environment including SHE, Quality Assurance Management and Training Compliance and Assurance

Extensive experience in coordinating the readiness and fitness for purpose of all training facilities and outfit development of the appropriate learning experience and safe operating environment


In return for the required high levels of commitment and hard work you will receive a competitive salary, rent free accommodation and access to free recreation facilities, all available within Company secured accommodation. In addition, a generous leave and travel allowance makes this an opportunity not to be missed. On successfully securing a role your appointment to Saudi Arabia will initially be on single status. On commencement of employment in Saudi Arabia you will have the opportunity to apply to have your family join you in the future. A full health care scheme is provided within Saudi Arabia.


In return for the required high levels of commitment and hard work you will receive a competitive salary and benefits package, including a generous leave and travel allowance, a full health care scheme and access to subsidised recreational facilities

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All appointments in Saudi Arabia are subject to receipt of all necessary Government and/or Customer approvals.

Job Pgrm/Proj. Management
Primary LocationSA-01-Riyad-Riyadh
Closing Date 28/Oct/21, 3:59:00 PM

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