Production Manager/Agriculture Engineer

Vegberry DMCC

Job Description

Vegberry is a fresh food agritech business. We grow, certify, sell and distribute natural produce and provide a reliable year-round supply of high-quality products through a fully managed supply chain powered by industry-leading agricultural technology. Our main corporate values – social responsibility, stability, flexibility and reliability. We are looking for people with strong motivation and skills who are ready to develop and grow with the company.

Agriculture Engineer/Production Manager

Employment Type: Full time


We are looking for a skilled Agriculture Engineer/Production Manager. You will be responsible for overseeing the greenhouse farm production and management of a team of farm supervisors.

The goal is to contribute to sustaining and growing our business to achieve long-term success.



  • Overseeing greenhouse farm production;
  • Managing a team of farm supervisors;
  • Modification of environmental factors that affect crop production;
  • Planning and designing the building of fertigation, irrigation, drainage, and water-control systems;
  • Creating a production plan and implementing that plan based on the best regional and world practice;
  • Creating a Vegberry training center for greenhouse supervisors;
  • Organizing proper information exchange among laborers, farm supervisors, operations, and management;
  • Supervising all aspects of the production and delivery of agricultural products from seed to table;
  • Researching to find new ways of farming, harvesting, and storage;
  • Conducting research for the design of new structures and systems;
  • Conducting research in the field and lab to develop practices for food production that protect the environment;
  • Providing production analytics;
  • Participating in yearly production planning and budgeting;

Requirements: Degree in Agriculture or work experience equivalent working in Vegetable Production 15+ years;Must have BSc/MSc education.

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