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Operate, control and monitor, on an assigned shift, one or more of the following operations in the Gas Injection Process (GIP); Gas Sweetening Plant (Units and Equipment) (GSP); Utilities Operation (Power Plant/Air, Water, Fuel Distribution System); Water Injection Process (WIP); as instructed and directed by the Supervisor and in accordance with defined operating procedures and safety standards while ensuring that all utilities and process functions are properly carried out during the shift.

Policies, Systems, Processes and Procedures
Follow all relevant operational procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner

When assigned to Control Room (CCR/PCB)
Operate and adjusts control panel instrumentation governing the operation and all related Turbines, heaters, pumps, engines, compressors, and similar equipment to maintain constant and balanced production of gas, Power generation, Water injection, gas injection process in accordance with specified parameters.
Relay information to other relevant units regarding changes in operation conditions or demand ensuring effective communications.
Monitor and maintains a continuous check on the operation of plant facilities and auxiliary equipment by reading and inspecting, indicating and recording instruments to ensure that such equipment is operating within specified limits whiletaking corrective action as necessary as per defined procedures.
Prepare or check the preparation of shift log sheets by entering operating data such as product change and process rates, temperatures, pressures, production and flow rates while recording operating malfunctions and the conditions of equipment to ensure all figures are properly recorded at prescribed times and that all show normal and stable conditions.
Control the activities of the in-charged plant and carry out regular checks for equipment and production specifications at in the process area in offshore complex. including the review of daily instructions, checking local controls, monitoring operating variables and adjusting pressure, temperature, flow and chemical levels accordingly to facilitate effective operations as per defined parameters and safety standards.
Preparation of monthly plant reports and maintain plant’s safety related documents.
Operate the process start-up/shut-down/bypassing through operating system as per requirement like scheduled maintenance.

When assigned to Gas Injection/Gas Sweetening Plant
Operate Gas Injection Process (Associated gas compressor, Acid gas compressor, Gas dehydration unit and Seawater injection process for WAG) with the associated system (Air compressor, N2 package, Methanol injection package and Booster water pump for WAG) to inject gas/water to wells as per standard operating procedures. Conduct regular inspection/monitor of all machinery and equipment used in the process (Compressors, Gas engines, Motors, Pumps, Air fins, Scrubbers Vessels, Heat exchangers and etc), ensuring the proper and safe functioning of all mentioned equipment.
Supply TEG, Water, Lubricant Oil and etc to the concerned system to maintain the stable process operation as per standard operating procedures.
Operates the Gas Sweetening Plant to produce fuel gas of desired H2S level for the consumption of CLIENTS gas turbines and engines as per standard operating procedures. Conduct regular detailed inspection of all machinery and equipment used in the Plant’s operation covering chemical injection pumps, amine booster pumps, reflux pumps, reciprocating pumps, hot water pumps, hot water make up pumps, amine make up pumps, sour liquor pumps, amine contactor column, lean amine regenerator column, sour liquor vessels, RO units and heat exchangers, ensuring the proper and safe functioning of all the above equipment.
Take log readings as per defined periods, or as frequent as directed by the Operation Supervisor, from the local indicators mounted on equipment in the Plant area and enters in the log sheets while providing feedback to Control Room Operator ofany apparent deviations from the specified standards to take corrective adjustments.
Make up Diluted DEA solutions to Gas Sweetening Package to facilitate effective operations as per specifications and safety standards. (include the preparation of the DEA solution for the process to absorb H2S while monitoring the subsequent separation of DEA from H2S in preparation of the latter’s flaring; loading fresh DEA drums to storage vessel.
Monitor and control the operation of the flare stack to burn off H2S gas and any excess gas released in the process or production separators. (Duties include igniting the flare after a shut-down or blow-off, ensuring that the flare system is operating properly in accordance with all safety regulations.)
Carry out the start-up and shut-down of Plants, adjusting and monitoring temperature, pressure, flow rates in the process ensuring that these are within the normal conditions.
Conduct gas test and Make preparation for each maintenance work as Issuing Authority in PTW system.

When assigned to Utilities/Water Injection Process
Start/stop checks and monitor the Complex’s power generation plants comprising turbo generators, diesel engine driven emergency generators, turbo driven injection pumps and associated ancillary equipment.
Conduct weekly load test of emergency generators, in conjunction with the Electrical Group, and weekly routine tests of stand-by generator to ensure proper working condition.
Check/monitor and carry out routine test runs of the Complex’s fire water pumps, diesel engine driven and electrical driven pumps, to ensure proper functionality as per defined procedures.
Check/Monitor utility process operation (Seawater, Potable water, Diesel, Compressed Air and Aviation Fuel) as per standard operating procedure.
Conduct the routine change-over the utility equipment as per standard operating procedure.
Take periodic log readings of all the above equipment and machinery from gauges and instruments mounted on the Plant while initiating corrective action and providing feeds back to Operation Supervisor.
Perform routine laboratory chemical analysis and reports.
Operate WIP to produce water for injection into injection/WAG wells in accordance with established specifications.
Implement start-up and shut-down procedures, adjusting valves to govern flow, maintaining pressure, setting temperature controls while monitoring the running condition of pumps and checking a variety of dials and gauges in the Control Room or mounted on equipment to ensure effective functionality.
Monitor and control the operation of coarse filtering unit by manually starting-up and shutting-down units to ensure specified water quality while promptly reporting anomalies to the Supervisor. Tasks includes monitoring and reading analyses, adjusting any deviation in operation parameters (pressure, temperature, flow rate)
Monitor automatic controls of the operation of fine filtering (treating) unit to ensure specified water quality while ensuring close control of the back-wash process, flow rate and other operating parameters accordingly.
Control water de-oxygenation process designed for reducing oxygen contents in injection water to prevent corrosion of subsea lines and bacteria gathering to keep reservoirs in clean conditions. Tasks includes monitoring water level in the de-oxygenation tower to control flow rate from DCS control panel, checking and adjusting chemical dosing rate, reporting shortages in chemicals to the Supervisor and arranging toping of such tanks, monitoring vacuum pumps designed to remove air from the tower and adjusts as warranted.
Conduct gas test and Make preparation for each maintenance work as Issuing Authority in PTW system.

General Functions
Monitor and maintain a continuous check on the operation of the various utilities plants, GIP, GSP and WIP and auxiliaryequipment by reading and inspecting various indicating and recording instruments to ensure that such equipment is operating within specified limits while reporting operational deviations to the Supervisor and takes corrective action as necessary.
Carry out independently, or as directed by the Supervisor, various routing adjustments, in liaison with maintenance personnel and advises CCR/PCB immediately of any anomalies or difficulties in operation.
Participate in the emergency shutdown of assigned units/equipment strictly according to procedures, while ensuring safety in abnormal conditions.
Liaise with other Operators at start and end of shift, noting or advising of any units/equipment requiring special attention to ensure effective communications.
Co-ordinate with maintenance crew on-site to ensure that equipment requiring repairs or maintenance work are properly isolated, depressurized and that the area is free of gas and safe in preparation for maintenance. Prepare appropriate work permit, processing with the Supervisor for approval, preparing area for maintenance work by isolation, by-passing etc., and assists in preparing emergency work orders to fulfil operational requirements while ensuring strict compliance to safety procedures.
Record operating malfunctions and the condition of equipment, checks log sheets to ensure that all figures are correctly recorded at specified times and that all show normal and stable conditions.
Manually adjust or assists others in adjusting a variety of valves governing rates of flow and levels of pressure, temperature and chemical feed, to ensure correct output. Take independent action to ensure the maintenance of specified operating conditions and mixing and adjusting chemical feed, lubricating various mechanisms as required while assisting in the taking of samples for laboratory testing of products of assigned units as per defined procedures.
Control the operation of alarm systems mounted on various units/areas in the Offshore Complex covering water injection plant, potable water units, living quarters, gas leak and fire detectors on various parts of the Complex, combustible gas detectors and advises concerned personnel of any malfunctions of alarms or detected hazards in their areas.
Sound emergency alarm and shuts down equipment by operating the master kill knob and as per defined procedures.

Clean all areas on a regular basis to ensure that debris is disposed of in a timely manner and health and safety risks are minimised
Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment
Follow all relevant safety, quality and environmental control procedures and instructions so that personal safety/ the safety of others is not jeopardized, and a certain minimum level of product/service quality and environmental impact can be guaranteed.
Perform specific HSE Management Systems Programme activities assigned to him by his Supervisor.
Carry out the duties and responsibilities in accordance with the Company’s procedures when emergency situations occur while ensuring adherence to fire and safety standards.
Comply with all safety and fire regulations which include the use of protective clothing and equipment and ensures that personnel working in the Offshore Complex areas comply with safety procedures, maintaining the area in a clean and hazard free condition.

Prepare and submit daily work report to operation supervisor daily for authorization to keep management informed about the progress of various initiatives and to facilitate decision making.
Ensure timely logging of all plant activities as per set standards to facilitate availability of historical data for future referencing purposes.
Continuous Improvement:
Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of CLIENTS operations, systems, processes and practices taking into account international best practice, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement.
Education / Qualifications
Required: Completion of Secondary (12 years) education plus 2 years full-time technical training

Required: 5 years diversified experience in oilfield operations including 2 years in offshore facilities General mechanical maintenance experience

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