Job Description

1.0          Directly reports to the Marketing Head with all areas of responsibilities

2.0          Conceptualize, designs, create and produce graphic materials for online, offline Advertising and Marketing collaterals using a range of media, methods, techniques and equipment

3.0          Develop design briefs by gathering information and data to clarify design issues

4.0          Prepare illustrations or rough sketches of materials, discussing them with immediate superior for necessary changes

5.0          Develop graphics and lay-outs for product illustrations, brochures and website

6.0          Design and develop professional and functional web designs

7.0          Consult with immediate superior in identifying graphic requirements, budget constraints and reasonable deadlines for various projects

8.0          Keeping abreast  with current fashions in visual arts and developments in IT, particularly design programs

9.0          May provide technical computer support and install software programs

10.0       Make 3D layout of visual merchandising requirements and interior designs

11.0       Update and troubleshoot website

12.0       Train department head in updating their webpage

13.0       Assist in the technical production of audio, audio visual and multi-media presentations

14.0 Responsible for editing and assembling recorded raw material into a suitable, finished product ready for posting.

–      Good Communication.-      Excellent interpersonal skills.-      Ability to multitask. –      Proficiency with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft PowerpointKnowledge in 3D Programs (Sketchup, 3D max, etc.) is a plus

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