Pest Control Technician

Al Barakah Holding

Job Description

  1. Reporting for duty on time, and check equipment’s for any malfunctions
  2. Attend the daily briefing and follow instruction for the day’s work
  3. Proper PPE and grooming standards to be maintained
  4. Chemical mixing and handling to be carried out as per the instructions of the Supervisor
  5. Carry out Residual spraying for control of crawling and flying Pests
  6. Ensure that the Bait stations are properly cleaned and maintained
  7. Public areas, Garbage skips and bins are sprayed daily to control flies and ants
  8. Ensure safety of the Public, and the environment while carrying out Pest control activities
  9. Proper washing and cleaning of Sprayers daily after work
  10. Thermal Fogging machines should be fully loaded for next day’s work
  11. All reports regarding daily work activities to be prepared at the end of the day
  12. Ensure that the pest control equipment’s are cleaned and well maintained after use
  13. Ensure proper disposal of chemical containers and pest carcass
  14. Shall brief the staff working under him daily and be able to train and guide them
  15. Ensure safety of the public, and the environment while carrying out pest control activities

AccountabilitiesReport deviations and non-compliances to Pest Control supervisor, QHSES Manager, and advise on the course of actions to be taken;Escalate to Pest Control Supervisor, QHSES Manager if the deviations and non-compliances are not resolved in timely manner;Enforcing Legal & regulatory compliance, advising Team, Pest Control  Supervisor, QHSES Manager on major non-compliance; Demonstrate continual improvements via visible measures and performance monitoring tools (e.g. Strategic QHSES KPIs etc);Subordinates’ performance review and HR appraisals (subject to final approval by HOD QHSES)

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