Perfume Production Supervisor

Mohamed Hilal Group

Job description / Role

· Oversee the Perfume manufacturing process and make sure that the Production lines are running smoothly and efficiently.
· Work closely with Line leaders and maintenance staff to plan work, set targets and make sure the finished products meet quality standards.
· Manage the overall production process.
· Communicate target with the team, delivering shift briefs with focus on quality, cost and delivery, and gathering ideas for improvement.
· Continuously work to ensure the best productivity results and ensuring compliance with procedures, operating instructions and work instructions.
· Monitor product standards and implement quality-control programs.
· Determine the amount of necessary resources (workforce, raw materials, machineries, etc.) and plan accordingly
· Undertake performance management responsibility for team members, conducting appraisals and giving direction to aid good performance.
· Lead and motivate the team to create a high performance culture.
· Assess target and resource requirements; provide estimate on timescales and costs.
· Estimate, negotiate and agree on budgets and timescales with managers and suppliers.
· Ensure safe working practices are maintained and ‘Standard Operations Procedure’ is adhered to.
· Ensure that non-conformance is challenged and counter-measures are agreed and implemented.
· Carry out incident, accident and non-conformity investigations and associated reporting and action closure
· Monitor the completion of tasks and ensure good performance and record on appropriate systems
· Prepare management reports.

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