PCM Assistant

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PCM Assistant

5-5 Years
Thu Oct 14 2021
| Vacancy Code : 98570

Job Type : Worker,

Industry : Civil Construction,

Contract Length : 24 months,

Total Vacancy : 1

Job Description:

Assist consumer in identifying other community resources that may strengthen their choice for independence

Knowledge & Qualification:

High School or equivalent (GED) required; Associate Degree preferred

Role & Responsibilities:

Provide information, orientation and determine basic eligibility to persons with disabilities seeking Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Services through the Medicaid Personal Care Attendant Program.  Liaison to consumer while going through the evaluation process to receive approval and services from the Medicaid PCA Program.  Assist consumer in identifying other community resources that may strengthen their choice for independence.  Complete an initial assessment with consumer in their home/residential setting to determine their level of ability to manage their program.  Provide skills training to consumers having an active Prior Authorization following the approved Medicaid curriculum, educating them on all phases of the PCA Program to include: how to be an employer, hiring of PCAs, management of PCA payroll and the paperwork connected with the process and how to manage the personal care program.  Recruit or engage individual consumers to attend advocacy events.  Troubleshoot for and with the consumer regarding issues with their individual program which could include one or more of the four core services: peer support, skills training, advocacy and information and referral. Be alert and responsive to areas of program misuse, fraud and obligations to report abuse and neglect.  Prepare and submit required paperwork on a timely basis according to the Medicaid Personal Care Attendant Program Contract and CLW’s timelines for deliverables. Provide updates on current aspects of each person listed on assigned consumer list.  Complete documentation of all contact with/and regarding consumers in a timely manner.  Maintain organized up- to- date consumer files.

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