Operations Director

Michael Page

Job Description

Responsible for leading and managing efficiently and effectively the operational and clinical support services of the facility by providing strategic and operational input and expertise, overseeing the development and delivery of the facility’s annual operating plan and contributing to the development and implementation of the facility’s strategy.

Client Details

The client operates and manages the largest network of laboratories in the region


Administer, and coordinate function and staff in a major functional area(s) of laboratory services.

Actively supporting and participating in the review and implementation of facility frameworks, policies and procedures

Working with the Lab Managers to ensure the facility has in place the systems and processes to support the delivery of operational services and achieve organisational targets and objectives

Provide guidance and direction for the Lab Manager or lab staff fulfilling their responsibilities to Ensure an efficient and even flow of work assignments personnel and patients

Responsible for the development, interpretation, dissemination, and practice of organisational policies, procedures, regulations, and information and all Lean and performance and quality improvement planning.

Direct, assist and resolve problems encountered by supervisors and managers in the development of objectives, physical facility, equipment and supply needs, personnel, organisational structure, work distribution and operational processes.

Engaging across all service delivery functions to ensure there are robust processes in place and to agree on financial and activity targets for the current year and outline going forward

Ensuring regular liaison with other facility departments/sections in order to provide appropriate specialist functional support

Addressing clinical governance issues and taking improvement action as necessary in conjunction with the Medical Director

Responsible for financial performance management, capital, and operating budget preparation.

Develop cost-effective programs, and asset management measures to ensure financial targets are met.

Coordinates departmental purchases, provide guidance monitors and is ultimately responsible for managing supplies and costs.


Bachelor’s degree in Laboratory Technology / Clinical Pathology

10 – 12 years in managing lab operations, leading P&L and sales functions

Job Offer

Opportunity to join a leading healthcare organisation with the largest network of laboratories in the region, including the largest network of ISO Accredited laboratories

operations, laboratories, finance, commercial

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