Operation Manager

Muscat Waves Consultancy

Job description / Role

• Responsible for ensuring the logistic operation of the company brands in a consistent manner with the sales goals in all the company’s channels.
• Responsible for reviewing the company’s goals in all sales channels in cooperation with the sales and warehouse management to identify deficiencies in the stores and correct the target goods.
• Responsible for organizing purchases from the Turkish parent company and communicating with officials in the operations department of the Turkish company to solve all kinds of requirements of our company to achieve optimal operations.
• Responsible for planning, organizing and reporting on the effectiveness of purchasing operations and reducing unbalanced purchase costs of goods in cooperation with the Sales and Financial Administration.
• Official p n your remedy planning needs of all periods of offers and discounts in coordination with the Department of advertising and advertising to ensure that appropriate quantities of the goods targeted to achieve a sales volume of a positive impact on the effectiveness of performances during the applicable year periods.
• Responsible for planning to bring in all new models from the parent company that are agreed upon internally as a required product for the Omani market in cooperation with the Sales Department, Publicity and Advertising Department and Store Management.
• Responsible for planning, coordination and reporting on warehouse efficiency and commodity turnover rates and achieving them for the company’s annual goals in cooperation with warehouse management.
• Responsible for coordinating the company’s operations related to the subject of the claim from the Turkish parent company for all the damaged parts under warranty or outside the guarantee and ensuring that it reaches the warehouse management without delay.
• Responsible for coordination of all operations of the Projects Department, remedial the needs of international companies, ensuring their access to project sites, coordination of receipt and storage, and completion of project work without delay.
• Responsible for planning and redressing all special requests from furniture to retail customers and ensuring that they arrive at the right time , in addition to modifying store planning and restructuring the minimum quantities of the presence of some models and colors that are inappropriate and appropriate on the other hand to the Omani market to reduce the size of special requests and raise the company’s ability.
• To properly plan the stores and raise the company’s financial revenues by helping to find the fastest selling and receptive merchandise from the brands of the two brands in cooperation and coordination with the sales department and warehouse management.
• Responsible for monitoring system development ERP For the Operations Department and raising its efficiency in cooperation with the Department of Informatics to facilitate the company’s operations and direct it towards an automated system that helps to follow up the tasks assigned to this job site.
• Responsible for direct export or import operations with the ability to manage full international operations including the Gulf Cooperation Council states in case of need for expansionary operations in the company’s policies to open new branches.

Advantages provided to the operations manager upon starting work:
• Monthly salary of 800 Omani Rial including all allowances.
• An annual commission system, defined as a percentage value, on the efficiency of the following systems:

– Low special order rates and immediate sales increase from stores.
– Reducing financial pressure for procurement by organizing the company’s import priorities.
– Reducing the cost of the claimed parts under guarantee according to the policies of the Turkish parent company and coordination with the warehouse management
– New developments in the system ERPOf your company B Operations Management.

• It is conditional on the company achieving its annual goals of sales and profitability.

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