Online Reputation Management (ORM) Expert/ Digital Marketing Specialist


Job description / Role

Company is in the search of a digital marketing associate to develop effective organic digital strategy aimed at optimizing search results and online presence. Responsibilities include reviewing the search results for an individual or company and identifying opportunities to improve the search results by creating and maintaining positive content. Advising companies and individuals on strategies and specific tactics to improve their online reputation (ORM).

• Exceptional ability to conduct search engine optimisation (SEO) and reverse search engine optimisation.
• Understanding of search engine behaviour (algorithms), social media, blogs, ratings and reviews, microblogs, photo/video sharing etc.
• Proficiency in content drafting based on the topics provided.
• Advanced level knowledge and understanding of digital marketing.
• Dissemination of content to appropriate digital platforms.
• Understanding of Google ranking algorithm mechanisms.
• Ability to manage several social media profiles.
• Establish policies and procedures, systems and standards that will avoid any negative impacts on the organisation.
• Optimisation and maintenance of owned forums, tweets, images, and writing effective blog posts and publishing positive reviews.
• Formulation of risk mitigation strategies.
• Research online to find out all the negative keywords associated with a brand or individual and publish positive content that can then neutralise the effect of the former.
• Handle difficult situations such as internet blackmail and ethical manipulation of search engine results or reviews.

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