Motion Graphics Designer

HashGate IT Technology LLC

Job Description

We are looking for an enthusiastic, experimental, and fun motion graphics designer who can bring their A-game to our team, and bring out all our out-of-the-box, crazy, creative ideas to life; using stop-motion, animation, video editing, and all things motion!

You will be the creative mind behind the advertisements, informational videos, cinematic videos, and product videos we shoot for a variety of clients. This role is focused on creating content that includes motion typography, audio, animation, photography, and video to create informational content that packs a punch.

We are looking to enhance our pool of talents, to create innovative marketing campaigns that entice the audience. You will work directly with a content strategist/planner for populating the content on Social/Digital platforms.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Responsible for executing innovative interactive animation, video edits, and animated content
  • Have Knowledge of 3d rendering and animation
  • Create content using existing assets
  • Film your own videos content if needed
  • Have a good eye for visualizing diverse and dynamic layouts
  • Have strong visual and conceptual storytelling & storyboarding skills
  • Be up to date with video editing techniques
  • Must have knowledge of these software (Premier Pro, After Effects, Adobe audition, Photoshop, and illustrator)
  • Create digital assets and images for the purpose of animation
  • Manipulate audio/video files as required
  • Work closely with our creative and art director to ensure day-to-day deliverables are met
  • Organize your time appropriately to meet all deadlines
  • Find ways to present complex information and interactions in simple and accessible ways
  • Absorb, adapt, and convey the brand aesthetics of each client
  • Articulate and present thoughts, creative and imaginative ideas

Qualifications & Skills: Editing, Animation, Design + Art directionAdobe (Premier Pro, After Effects, Adobe audition, Photoshop, and illustrator)Before you do join us, here are a few things about us you have to know:1. Born & bred.We are Fujairians, Filipinos, Indians, Iranians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Syrians, Russians and a random mix of love & care, passion, and potential. We are a kaleidoscope of cultures, talents, and creativity.2. Our creative boomers get it.Experience is useful if you’re dealing with complicated clients. But no, there is no need to mock up a TikTok idea because your seniors do not know what TikTok does. You also won’t have to create a TikTok challenge just because it’s “tReNdiNg”.Time-Place-Context, right?3. Oh yes, things can get messy.If you want a rule for everything, we’re not for you. We are, however, a place where anyone, regardless of rank, may make the rules. Openness and authenticity is the bare minimum qualification to work with us. 4. Diversity is a checkbox.35% of us are females. We come from 7 different countries and counting. No one is a token of anything. 5. The hours can get crazy, but they are flexible.Yes, the hours can get crazy, especially before a campaign launch or a pitch- but that is advertising. We can’t change the nature of the industry, especially not on our own, but we can control . (except for react-native developers)Wanna take a couple of months off to prep for your wedding? Sure. Wanna move back to your home country to work remotely during a pandemic? Let’s talk about it. Need the next few days to recuperate from a massive pitch? Definitely.6. We’re HASHGATE, trying to TAILGATE the best of the best.We are not perfect, and we will never be. We hire people greater than us. We hire people who dare to fail and then get up to fix it. The ideal candidate will exhibit high standards, excellent communication skills, and an ability to take initiative, and prioritize daily tasks, and develop quality results in spite of tight deadlines. A strong ability to take charge and meet targets will ensure your success in this multi-faceted role.

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