Milliampere man/ Low Current Engineer

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Job Description

Job responsibility

1.Organizing joint review of weak current drawings, discussion and approval of engineering construction design and construction plan;

2. Participate in the selection of weak current related equipment and materials and the acceptance of incoming materials;

3. Monitor the design quality and design progress of weak current in the design process;

4. Responsible for the supervision and control of the quality and progress of the weak current project at the construction site;

5. Coordinate the general contracting, supervision and design, construction unit and other relations in the weak current construction project;

6. Participate in the review of the completion materials and the preliminary inspection and completion acceptance of the unit project. 

 Chinese & English Speaker Prefer

Skills1. Basic knowledge of weak electricity in intelligent buildings;2. Basic building automation control technology;3. The principle of automation of air-conditioning system;4. The principle of water supply and drainage automation;5. Power distribution, lighting and elevator system monitoring automation;6. Design example of building equipment automation system;7. Automatic fire alarm and fire control system;8. Safety technology prevention system;9. Parking lot management system;10. Case analysis of large-scale entity security system technology;11. Building automation system integration;12. Relevant laws and regulations;13. Cable TV and satellite TV;14. Acces

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