Department Definition

Located at Expo 2020 Dubai, Firdaus Studio by A.R. Rahman is set to become the region’s first world-class recording studio and film scoring facility. As part of the collaboration between Expo 2020 and legendary composer A.R. Rahman, it will also serve as a creative space where artists in the UAE, and from around the world, can collaborate, perform, and expand their musical horizons together.

Opportunity Responsibilities

Responsible for the planning and organization of exhibits, tours and other events taking place within the studio.

The main responsibilities of the role include:
  • Help plan, schedule and design all studio tours and exhibits with the aid of the external exhibit contractor and Expo 2O2O tours related departments;
  • Develop engaging studio tours and content to be showcased during event time;
  • Coordinate with Expo 2O2O teams to ensure all relevant information, documentation and scheduling is shared;
  • Coordinate with “Studio Manager” on all exhibit scheduling, design, procurement and installation and help develop a tour and exhibit route within the studio to maximize the customer experience;
  • Responsible for overseeing the design process with curators for the exhibitions and/or events, deciding how best to showcase the materials within the studio space;
  • Organize the logistics and warehouse inventory, ensuring that all materials and relevant items are properly maintained and displayed;
  • Responsible for ensuring that everyone carries out the proper health and safety procedures at all times;
  • Coordinate with various Expo 2O2O teams such as Moment makers, Broadcast and Media for VIPs and VVIPs related engagements.


6+ years of work experience as well as:

  • A Bachelor’s degree within a relevant field;
  • Great organizational skills, as well as the ability to work well under pressure;
  • Having experience in event management is beneficial;
  • The ability to communicate effectively with a diverse range of people is essential;
  • You will need strong multi-basking abilities and problem-solving skills;
  • A keen interest in art and music, and/or a background in exhibits and tour related project management is essential for this role.
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