Company Description

A luxury hospitality brand for modern travellers, Anantara connects guests to genuine places, people and stories through personal experiences and providing heartfelt hospitality in the world’s most exciting destinations. From pristine islands and tropical beaches to cosmopolitan cities, tranquil deserts and lush jungles, Anantara welcomes guests for journeys rich in discovery.

Job Description

  • Ensures safety of guests and associates within the designated swimming areas during the posted business hours.
  • Possesses Lifeguard certification and authorized to conduct AR and CPR.
  • Ensures set-up of safety equipment at the beach/pool which includes set up of life saving floatation devices along the shoreline/around the pool; correct flag must be in placed during business hours; rescue surfboard/boat ready on the shoreline; first aid kit; posting of business hours; depth of the pool; water & air temperatures; wind force & wind speed.
  • Keeps the designated and marked swimming areas free of any engine driven boat or alike, windsurfers, or sea bikes (pedalos).
  • Ensures that swimmers/snorkels are out of boat tracks or any hazardous areas.
  • Supervises the use of windsurf and sea bikes including the log in and log out of guests, monitoring the action of wind surfers and those engaged in other water activities while out on the sea.
  • Responds to any emergency within the hotel, resort swimming areas including ensuring that rescue boat is available at all times.
  • Ensures that all water sports activities or pool activities are executed according to Security and Safety regulations.
  • Performs other duties that may be assigned from time to time.
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