Legal Advisor

alaamri advocates

Job Description

1. Drafting and writing memos. pleadings, legal notices, and replying to the other party

2. Experienced and knowledgeable in Bankriupcy Liquidation, commercial cases, civil cases, construction cases, rental disputes. Family matters, and criminal cases and emplovment cases etc

3 Review cases & advice new sow if requires

4 Meeting clients and providing Legal Advice

1 Research & Investigative Skills4. Meeting Clients and providing2. At least 8 years experience at UAE Law firm.3. Excellent planning and organizational skillsLegal Advice4. Strong communication skills, both internally and externally5 Excellent writing and oral skills6. Proven ability to problem solve and think outside the box7. Impeccable attention to detail8. Ability to work under pressure and towards timelines

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