HR&Administration manager

Smartex International FZE

Job Description

1. Combined with the management target and human resource strategic planning of domestic manufacturing center, combing the development ideas of training and compensation performance of overseas base company, making/revising the strategic planning of training and compensation performance of base company;

2.Overseas base recruitment system development and construction, review annual recruitment plan, review recruitment budget, formulate recruitment planning, and complete annual recruitment targets;

3.Establish the salary system and system in line with overseas local, complete the annual salary and welfare cost budget and control; 

4.Responsible for the construction and optimization of the performance system, internal performance assessment system improvement, promotion and implementation;

5. Responsible for the construction of training system, preparation of annual training plan and budget, implementation of annual training work to ensure talent development; 

6. Responsible for the implementation of the implementation of corporate culture work, shaping, disseminating, maintaining and developing corporate culture, maintaining and creating a benign employee relationship; 

7. Responsible for promoting the existing organization construction, external insight, organizational change and effectiveness improvement work under the guidance of the domestic company system; 

8. Overall responsible for presiding over the company’s various security, translation and procurement audits and other work;

9. Audit and control of the company’s various administrative costs;

10. Develop the work plan and work system of the department, carry out the division of labor and organization of the department staff;

11. Reception and arrangement of customer visits;

12. Overall responsible for the department’s confidentiality, security, energy management and various logistics infrastructure security work.

1. Bachelor degree or above, Chinese and English can be used as working languages;2.Majoring in human resources, administration or business management related fields;3.More than 5 years of work experience in manufacturing industry, more than 3 years of work experience in the same position;4.Solid professional skills, familiar with the whole module of human resources work, with management skills;5.Familiar with local labor and EHS laws and regulations;

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