HR Manager

Muscat Waves Consultancy

Job description / Role

• Study the work structure within the company and ensure that every employee is in the correct location and performs the corresponding job description.
• Responsible for laying out the annual plans for the need for a new workforce according to the company’s annual goals, with specifying the annual budget that the Human Resources Management Division needs in order for the company to reach its annual goals.
• Responsible for defining the internal work policies of the company from the structure of the employee tree, determining salary rates for each job capacity and allowances, and ensuring that a fixed system is scheduled for the work of the company.
• Responsible for the work regulations and penalties in a manner that does not contradict the laws of the workforce while adjusting the needs according to the goals of the company in each department.
• Ensuring the effectiveness of the existing system of commissions in the company for each job site in a manner that guarantees the highest productivity to achieve the company’s annual goals.
• Officer / of planning, coordination and report on the effectiveness of the system ‘s Wii human in all sections through regular meetings with the heads of departments to identify gaps and needs to ensure business continuity in an orderly fashion within the company.
• Responsible for the use and application of the international education system followed by the Turkish parent company to qualify existing and new cadres in addition to developing the internal education system for each department and especially the sales department in cooperation with the heads of existing departments.
• Responsible for organizing the company’s working hours, and in particular determining the best business policies within the exhibition staff in the system of checks, in cooperation with the exhibition managers.
• Responsible for using the system ERPFor human resources and developing it with the competent authorities in a way that suits the needs of the company.
• Responsible for developing the human cadres required for any external expansion operations in new exhibitions, especially in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

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