Head of Operational Safety

DP World

Job purpose:
To assist and support the SVP GHSE to execute the group safety strategy by developing practical and sustainable approaches for identifying opportunities for improvement & efficiency with the regional safety implementation plans. This role looks after the Ports & Terminals, Marine, and Drydocks World facility from a group coordination.
This position is responsible for ensuring that the regional implementation plans are challenging the status quo whilst also delivering sustainable results. This includes but is not limited to performing a gap analysis on the holistic requirements associated with the plans and ensuring that they are in line with the financial, technological, cultural & human resource capability of the region.
In addition, this role will be the primary custodian of the GHSE emergency phone number (on call 24/7) & will lead the mitigation response to any emergency or serious injury reported in the group.
Key accountabilities:

  • Ensure that the regional plans are in line with the requirements of the global strategy
  • Review regional performance to identify opportunities for improvement / efficiency & develop associated corrective action plans Overall responsibility for the GHSE Audits schedule to be assigned to direct reports.
  • Perform a gap analysis on the holistic requirements associated with the regional implementation plans and ensure that they are in line with the financial, technological, cultural & human resource capability of the region
  • Propose and monitor the regional corrective action programs to identify high risk operations & assist with determining the best course of action to achieve acceptable risk reduction
  • Ensure that relevant regional information is considered in the GHSE execution program
  • Provides input into the annual group safety targets to ensure that they pragmatic & achievable
    • Primary custodian of the 24/7 GHSE emergency contact number
  • Lead the response & management of any globally impacting critical emergency including implementation of mitigation strategies
  • Lead and/or supervise delegated serious injury / fatality investigations globally & manage associated corrective action plans
  • Design & embed a positive behavioural change program in the group
  • Identify high performance activities / locations & enact a program to share the underlying factors which contributed to the success
  • Ensure that employees and contractors understand the zero-harm vision through the application of safety science programs
  • Promote the vision to all stakeholder groups to assist with building a culture focused on engagement & the positive influencing of behaviours
  • In consultation with key stakeholders, perform a gap analysis on the current skill and experience levels of the regional S&E directors & develop associated performance improvement plans for any identified deficiencies or opportunities for improvement
  • Implement the requirements of any performance improvement plan for regional S&E director’s &
  • Develop and or review succession plans for the regional S&E directors to ensure redundancy within the group.
  • Collaborate with Senior Manager Standards, Systems & Governance and Senior Manager Risk Reduction to ensure efficient and proactive management of regional priorities and deficiencies in line with GHSE strategy

Qualifications, Experience and Skills:

  • Minimum formal safety qualification to Diploma / Degree level or equivalent work experience.
  • Minimum of 15 years of practical experience in safety management roles
  • Minimum of 10 years of practical experience in leading safety at a regional / global level
  • Minimum of 7 years experience directing & coaching a team of safety professionals in an international environment
  • Minimum of 10 years experience in a heavy industry environment (heavy equipment + multiple workplaces with at least 600 employees / contractors)
  • Proficient in project management and financial budgeting
  • Demonstrated experience in coaching of safety professionals
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
  • Proven experience in leading incident / accident investigations including fatalities,
  • Solid experience in the development and management of corrective action projects and delivery of incident investigation training
  • Experience liaising with government, regulatory, industry and labour organisations
  • Ability to develop strong working relationships at all levels within the organisation and lead / mentor junior to senior level workgroups and individuals
  • Ability to recognise issues, analyse, formulate and implement appropriate solutions
  • Excellent verbal, written communication, computer literacy, report writing and administrative skills
  • Ability to identify, assess and control safety and environmental risks related to the business
  • Ability to negotiate & minimise conflict where required to ensure compliance to all health, safety & environmental requirements

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