Head of Maintenance Planning

Job Description

Job Purpose:

Lead maintenance work order planning for Electrical/ Mechanical/ Instrumentation & Control (I&C)/ Support (rigging, scaffolding, civil, coatings, welding, insulation) based work. Review and establish appropriate maintenance staff qualifications, skills, training, and availability to create work orders which may be included in scheduling or additional outage planning. Participate in the development and monitor the execution of Preventive Maintenance (PM) work and related pre-planned and cross-discipline maintenance, in coordination with Operations Work for plant mode, limiting conditions for operations (LCO’s) and technical specifications (s) in force.

Key Activities

Work Planning
  • Lead and manage work order package planning for Electrical/ Mechanical/ I&C/ Support-based maintenance to ensure work is planned and managed for maximum safety, operability, and protection of plant assets to include work performed by Long-Term Maintenance Strategies (LTMS) contractors.
  • Verify and review the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) Electrical/ Mechanical/ I&C/ Support equipment, components, and determinants to ensure selection of the proper equipment from the Master Equipment List and design drawings.
  • Review plant Master Equipment and configuration to plan work around plant operations activities and optimize outage work.
  • Participate in planning tasks and responsibilities for vendors or contractors assigned to perform Electrical/ Mechanical/ I&C/ Support work in the plant to ensure consistency of work practice and adherence to procedures.
  • Coordinate work planning with the Work Management (WM) Function in the Plant to ensure alignment of work planning and execution.
  • Coordinate with Engineering (ENG), Procurement (PSC) and vendors to better understand Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section XI: Rules for In-service Inspection of Nuclear Power Plant Components (ASME XI), Motor Operated Valve (MOV), and other Electrical/ Mechanical/ I&C programs.
  • Coordinate with schedulers, designate at least 1 schedule reviewer in the Electrical/ Mechanical/ I&C/ Support Section, and train them in Primavera (P6) use to ensure alignment amongst maintenance schedules.
  • Review Work Order Closure and assist in development of Root Cause/ Common Cause and Failure Mode analyses to review and analyze work quality, performance, reasons for component failure and equipment asset condition.
  • Plan clearance, tagging, and permit requirements for work orders to improve safety and facilitate the clearance at tag-out process.
  • Review and construct, as needed, Electrical/ Mechanical/ I&C/ Support PM and other recurring work orders and surveillances to ensure configuration control.
  • Coordinate with Operations’ work control to include required elements of work events currently underway in the plant to ensure work packages incorporate all required elements.
  • Develop plans to minimize backlog and maintain reliability to ensure operational readiness.
Work Order Development and Packaging
  • Oversee Electrical/ Mechanical/ I&C/ Support work planners in the development, assembly, and review of Electrical/ Mechanical/ I&C/ Support-based work orders to be scheduled for plant work to ensure all work order requirements are met.
  • Implement work order requirements into daily work planning to ensure the activities are being executed.
  • Review and verify contents of Electrical/ Mechanical/ I&C/ Support work package templates, including permits, training and qualification for specific work requirements, discipline requirements, Parts and Bills of Material (BoM), Safety-Related components, quality levels, component relationships and integration with other related work orders to minimize delays associated with incomplete or incorrect work packages.
  • Identify and assess configuration management, document, and engineering errors identified during work planning to prevent errors from impacting work quality.
  • Review the development of parts lists and BoM to create Material Requests, and understand the requisition process, time constraints, and supply chain requirements for non-stock parts to increase the accuracy and availability of work package materials.
  • Review the availability and checkout process for Measuring and Test Equipment (M&TE) equipment for surveillance, alignment, and calibration work to ensure the work packages adequately provide for obtaining that equipment.
  • Review the Make/ Model of installed components and work with KHNP and vendors when recommending replacements to increase the adequacy of replacements.
Staffing and Qualification Management
  • Validate that training and qualification credential requirements for Electrical/ Mechanical/ I&C/ Support maintenance staff match appropriate resources to the work being executed to ensure alignment.
  • Identify requisite maintenance staff qualifications, skills, training, and availability to create work order packages to properly staff.
  • Coordinate with Outage and Online Work Managers for inclusion in scheduling or additional outage planning (scheduled, forced, contingent and plant modification) to support outage personnel requirements.
Vendor and Outsourced Work Monitoring
  • Check and follow vendor manuals (VM’s), warranty documents, and other external documents and data in the development of work plans and work order media to better understand materials and documentation requirements for work.
  • Manage ongoing vendor-based Electrical/ Mechanical/ I&C/ Support work in the plant, to include work associated with plant modification packages specifically identified as Electrical/ Mechanical/ I&C/ Support-based, to improve the quality and efficiency of vendor work.
  • Review and participate in managing site access requirements for specialized vendor computers and M&TE devices to be utilized for Electrical/ Mechanical/ I&C/ Support work to facilitate vendor effectiveness.
Preventive Maintenance (PM)
  • Assist in the execution of PM requirements to ensure effectiveness of the plant PM program.
  • Review and develop pre-planned maintenance requirements, in coordination with Operations Work Control (including warranty, surveillance, rework, etc.) for plant mode, LCO’s and technical specification(s) in force to speed planning activities when these conditions are encountered.
  • Consult with Design Engineering and vendors, as needed, to assist in development or change of PM’s to take advantage of up-to-date information.
  • Coordinate with engineering in the development of work plans (“Model Work Orders”) to ensure work plans are appropriate to the maintenance requirements in the Plant.
  • Verify compliance with tech spec intervals and work frequencies and report documentation errors to ensure compliance with industrial requirements.
  • Lead PM activities to maintain high self-identification ratios.
Management and Supervision
  • Lead Electrical/ Mechanical/ I&C/ Support Maintenance organization on conditional reporting and observations to raise awareness.
  • Participate in assessing and recommending Maintenance Software Use and Training (OMS, eSOMS, P6, RIMS/Phoenix, eWP, etc.).
  • Coordinate with the Industry and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) resources for WM and the nuclear arts, including Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), etc., to understand and apply industry standards and best practices to work planning.
Operational Planning
  • Provide input into the development of the Department’s systems and processes, as well develop and implement the Section’s procedures, identifying opportunities for the continuous improvement of practices to increase productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Monitor, control and report Operational and financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to the Section, to track performance and recommend corrective or mitigating actions.
  • Ensure that all relative reports are prepared timely and accurately, to meet the Section’s requirements and standards.
Health and Safety and Security
  • Ensure compliance to all relevant health, safety and environmental management policies, procedures and controls across the Division/Department/Section by the delivery of the Health and Safety Management Program to guarantee employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high quality services and a responsible environmental attitude.
  • Follow all relevant Security policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure security compliance in all aspects of work, by applying them on self, others and Corporate assets.
  • Ensure compliance with corporate requirements for adherence to policies, procedures and instructions related to Crisis Management and Business Continuity in order to continue mission critical activities.


Academic Qualifications and Work Experience

  • Bachelor of Science Degree.
  • 7 years of relevant experience.
  • Master’s degree with EPRI Certification.
Technical Competency
  • Understands nuclear plant maintenance, design, modification and supporting processes.
  • Understands typical maintenance programs and methods for assuring safety and quality as they impact nuclear power plant operation with respect to Electrical work.
  • Familiar particularly with Electrical maintenance and program knowledge from non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) such as INPO, WANO, and EPRI, as well as major EPC’s and vendors.
  • Understands risk management and work coordination with work control in the nuclear power plant.
  • Understand the fundamentals of NDE, ASME XI, MOV, Radiography, fundamentals of EQ, Appendix “R” and other related programs.
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