Head Mixologist


Job Description

Have a good understanding of the outlet’s concept and food and beverage offerings and be able to verbally explain those to the guests.
Knowledge of mixing and matching ingredients to offer an outstanding selection of creativecocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, spirits, beers and wines and be able to garnish all drinks as per the given standards and explain their characteristics.
Support the outlet manager when required to train colleagues in accordance with the applicable standards and policies and regularly update the Standard Drink Appearance file (SDA).
If necessary be able to personally interact and recommend suitable drinks for guest.
Handle effectively any kind of customer complaints being verbal or written and report to managers without fail.
Monitor daily the bar counter set up and ensures that mise en place and any otherrequired ingredients and equipment are prepared in order to work as efficient as possible.
Ensure that all bottles and ingredients should be set up as per the bar’s standard to assure they are in easy reach and facilitate effective service.
Assure that all beverages, such as wines or juices are fresh and in good order to be served.
Create new mixed drinks and cocktails for promotional activity and new menus.
Able to train Bartenders and Bar Supervisor to offer and serve cigars as per standards.
To assure correct amounts are stocked up to avoid running out of stock during service periods.
Carrying out monthly inventories
Make sure the temperature of the bar fridges is checked as the First in, First Out standards.
Assure that correct date labelling is always in place for all related products.
Assure that the bar areas are cleaned after each shift and when required.
If requested being able to carry out cashiering and daily cash and credit collections.
Any other reasonable tasks as assigned by the outlet manager including assisting other outlets.
Communicate well with colleagues and superiors in order to avoid misunderstandings and other shortfalls caused by lack of communication.
Be committed to being a team player; proactively cooperating and supporting colleagues in operational tasks.
Listen to every guest and observe body language carefully in order to be able to understand guest needs and expectations and consistently delight and satisfy every guest.
Ensure customer satisfaction from arrival to departure in accordance to the key F&B Pillars and the respective service standards.
Have a natural, warm smile and a friendly and passionate approach towards guests.
Create WOW moments to surprise and delight guests in the Restaurants through gestures and other actions.
Report guest’s preference to superiors and act upon them whenever known Skills & Qualifications

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