Head Examiner


Job Summary & Objective: Strive to continually improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of all our assessments, ensuring that you are both responsive to training and strategically focused.

To be responsible for managing the effective and efficient administration of external and internal examinations in accordance with the relevant regulations and/or awarding body rules for exam administration in a consistent and secure fashion, thereby helping to maintain the integrity of the assessment process.

To support the Dean in ensuring that the centre is compliant with the regulations and awarding body requirements in order to ensure the security and integrity of the examinations/assessments at all times.

To act on behalf of, and be the main point of contact for, the Academy in matters relating to the general administration of awarding body examinations and assessments.

To ensure examinations are conducted in accordance with the regulations.

Through taking an ethical approach and working proactively to avoid malpractice among students and staff supports the Dean in taking all reasonable steps to prevent the occurrence of any malpractice/maladministration before, during the course of and after examinations have taken place.


Obtaining assignments, rubrics, and accompanying declarations.

Reviewing the quality, cogency, structure, and students’ answers presentation.

Noting your comments throughout the marking process.

Clearing deviations from marking guidelines ahead of time.

Moderating/verifying the grading process of each assessment.

Responding to assessment-related concerns.

Suggesting improvements to existing rubrics.

Develop procedures for teachers to implement assessments.

Train teachers and other instructional staff in new content or technology.

Mentor or coach teachers in assessment skill improvement.

Plan, organize and conduct assessment-related training workshops.

Act as main point of contact for instructors regarding assessment-related concerns.

Collate and quality-check all assessment grades, and calculation of final grades.

Keep and update records of all assessments, final grades, and communicate these to the relevant internal parties.

Create the term schedule and class lists for all assessments.

Schedule all assessments on the appropriate platform.

Monitor and observe the assessment process and proctoring.

Coordinate and monitor placement tests for incoming students.

Advise and mentor teachers overseen as deemed necessary on assessment-related concerns.

Provide assessment reports to Dean, Student Affairs, Training Excellence, as requested.

Organize and coordinate assessment and invigilation schedule for classes.

Follow up on students’ assessment-related concerns/complaints.

Implement and enforce Academy policies.

Assist Dean in tasks as required.


Bachelor’s degree in English/Education/Applied Linguistics/TESOL/ is preferred.

3-5 years of teaching experience

Fluent in English and preferably in Arabic Language

Previous experience within Academic Coordination

GCC experience

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