Head Chefs

Company Name Confidential

Job Description

• Coordinating with the team for smooth operations in the kitchen
• Select and develop recipes;
• Standardize production recipes to ensure consistent quality
• Establish presentation technique and quality standards
• Plan and price menus
• Ensuring that fair discipline is maintained among teams
• Ensuring that all cooks are familiar with the day’s requirements
• Ensuring that time tables, leave roster and attendance registers are up to date
• Liaising with management daily regarding special requirements, VIP functions, etc.
• Ensuring that all dishes are being prepared to the correct recipe and to the correct quantity
• Ensuring that all maintenance problems are reported on time and followed up
• Ensuring that each cook receives the correct orders for the appropriate tables
• Ensuring that the restaurant personnel are ‘standing by’ when delicate dishes are served
• Ensuring that all staff is correctly trained to effect good portion control and pleasing presentation of dishes.
• Ensuring that each dish leaving the kitchen is checked for quality, quantity, presentation and correct temperatures
• Ensuring that regular on the job training is carried out so that subordinate staff perform their duties efficiently
• Ensuring that any anticipated shortages are communicated promptly to the person concerned
• Maintaining Health and Safety regulations
• Ensuring that all stock is kept in sufficiency and under optimum conditions
• Ensuring that all statutory, as well as company, hygiene regulations are being strictly adhered to according to the requirements of the Health and Safety regulations
• Practicing hygiene standards set as per Basic Food Hygiene Training by Municipality Minimizing operational costs such as wastage, spillage, spoilage and breakage of the outlet

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