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Job Description

Financial Analyst and Speaker :

  • Nice English speaker, especially your nice ability in pronunciation and expression; the job needs you potential or experienced in speaking like a nice on-line teacher referring to texts, graphics, etc. Showing face is not required in the speaking.
  • Have basic experience and knowledge in professions involving financial investment and relative research, which may need you in such jobs ever for years so as to be some knowledgeable about financial market: digital currency, forex, securities, stocks, equities or their indices, etc.
  • Your good perception, insight, logical thinking and acuteness towards information of the market, and your grasp of financial investment theories and kinds of analyzing tools, are expected. Your teamwork and kind of hard work also are expected.

For further interview, some professional guys are ready to be the listener. We are expecting your preparation to give a trial lesson here after we make the classroom within 3 or 4 days. So, you should write down the designing document (courseware) as reference and help letting you finish the class well. The document content should be enough for one-hour speaking presentation(the lesson, class). Expect sending to me your “designing document, teaching solution” in time. The professional boss provides such directions for you to give a good trial class (time is one hour): 1. Greeting words and self-introduction at the start.2. Review market prices, quotations of yesterday.3. Analyze market prices, quotations of today.4. introduction to most recent political news, events or incidents, especially affecting finance and economics. 5. Analyze your familiar situation of the prices, quotations, and products of transaction, trading. And according to current K-line(Candlestick chart), information scope and technical analysis, the operating suggestions making profit should be given out now.6. If any more,you can instruct and lecture on your own familiar:method, thought and theory of trading and transaction, and method making profit stably. 7. Before end of the class, review prices and quotations of the day and give out your tactics, skills for trading, transaction.8. Welcome you to ask any questions during your preparation and before the class.

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