Female Secretary (Indian Proffered)

pollux general contracting llc

Job Description

  • Manage all incoming and outgoing correspondences.
  • Assist the relevant team members with all traveling formalities, including booking, accommodation, and departure.
  • Schedule and manage all appointments and meetings to ensure they happen at the required time.
  • Attend and manage all incoming communications as per the requirements and objectives of the company.
  • Contribute to enhancing client interaction using suitable gestures and greeting techniques.

Well-versed in using appropriate vocabulary and body language while interacting with others.A charming persona with an ability to interact with colleagues and visitors respectfully.Portraying good command of modern communication and office software for relevant business operations.Exhibiting commendable soft skills with an innate understanding of the realistic challenges in specific tasks.Certified or professional command of Microsoft products like Teams, Excel, Outlook, etc.Exhibiting phenomenal command in handling multiple responsibilities with strict adherence to the defined deadlines.

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