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Company Description

 In an age of digital marketing saturation, our goal is to shine the spotlight on face-to-face interaction, and the power of direct marketing. Our team of marketing specialists bridges the gap between our clients and their target audience by delivering campaigns with a personal touch and being the Voice of the brands. 

Job Description

We are looking for an Event Sales Coordinator. An event coordinator assistant must be well-organized and competent in sales management. Communication skills and attention to detail will set apart the best among the candidates. Add a shot of enthusiasm and passion for the job and you’ll be our ideal candidate. The goal is to organize unforgettable events that will ensure the entertainment of participants and facilitate the completion of business objectives.

Salary range: $45000 – $55000 per year.


  • Coordinate with all the departments involved in the organization of the event.

  • Determine sales goals.

  • Developing and growing as an Event professional by attending and engaging in weekly sales meetings and by sharing strategic ideas to enhance the business.

  • Builds and maintains customer’s relationships.

  • Monitor the entire event proceedings.

  • Develop comprehensive sales plans.

  • The event sales coordinator must have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. High-energy and creative individuals, who possess excellent customer service and sales skills, are especially effective in this position.

  • Develop promotions or specialty packages to entice new customers.

  • Setting up and maintaining a demonstration area, such as a table, stand, or booth at various events.

  • Assist with selecting the correct staff for the event.

  • Oversee event happenings and act quickly to resolve problems.

  • Evaluate the event’s success and submit reports post-event.


  • Previous experience as an event manager/planner is an asset.

  • Knowledge and understanding of working in databases.

  • Strong leadership abilities.

  • Be exceptionally organized with meticulous note-taking and follow-up skills.

  • Capable of handling high-level engagements.

  • Assertive and decisive.

  • Able to perform well in a quick-paced, time-demanding, and sensitive environment.

  • Approachable and personable.

  • Energetic and extroverted.

Additional Information

  • That is not a remote job,

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